Today, as you know, is Thursday. Unless you aren’t reading this today, and then it might not be… although you could be reading it on a different Thursday, so then it is again.

This Thursday, today, the one I’m writing on, is a Thursday, and will remain so for the next few hours.

I’m back to normal today, I’m extremely pleased to say. The yoyo effect of the past few days has finally wore off, without so much as a hint of residue, and I feel connected once more. The Mansion seems a little odd, a little different, but then that was the norm anyway, thinking about it, so I’ll let sleeping dogs lie. Besides, October’s fast approaching (Christmas items are appearing in the shops, so it must be!) and the Mansion goes into its own during October. I can’t say a bit weird, but just look around.

The day started as last night ended, with li’l ole moi in one heckuva grump. I thrust my arms into my shirt sleeves as I dressed in such a show of grumpiness, my hands had already burst through the cuffs as my wrists were still at the shoulder. I’d buttoned up my buttons (as you do) in such a red haze, I’d bypassed one buttonhole and only discovered it when I tried to put on a shoe and needed to bend like Quasimodo to reach it. Clothing neatly arranged, I left the Mansion at 7am to go to work.

By 8:15am the night’s darkness had returned. Thick, ominous, heavy clouds literally obliterated the sunlight, and I looked out to see nothing but this eerie gloom as far as my eyes could see. I’m quite high up, so could see for many a mile, and it was all the same.

Some migrating geese flew overhead in a triangular formation – I don’t mean as in the V shape that we normally see them flying in, they were flying in a triangle at one point. The lack of Sun must have disorientated them somewhat. I’m sure they flew back in the direction they came from as well. I was left hoping they’d soon realise.

But the dark gloom had a calming effect on me. My mood was nothing like this scene that was playing out before me. I remembered once again that how we are feeling is reflected back to us, we just have to notice. I couldn’t miss this, and realised that if I continued on my downward spiral, every day would be as dark and gloomy as this one, and I decided there and then that that wasn’t going to happen.

I hissed. I literally hissed as the dark spectre was flung from out of my body. I’m sure my work colleagues noticed, but they are far to professional to even bat an eyelid. Or couldn’t care any less. ‘Sup to them!

After my hissing, daylight started to return, and over the horizon I could see bluebirds singing blue skies once more. Brilliantly bright and brilliantly blue.

Then the torrential rains came. You’d have thought they’d have been here whilst the clouds had plunged us all into the despair of darkness, but oh, no… they waited until it brightened up to dampen our spirits. But not mine. Not mine, I tell you! I love a good rainstorm anyway, and listened to every single raindrop as it hit its target.

The rest of the day went slowly. It was like a month, actually, but I never let it get me down.

Thinking back, though, overall, it was a good day, full of blog fodder, which is always good. And, I’m back to Feeling Good, so there won’t be any complaints from me.

Me? Complain? Never!

And today is Thursday. The day before the day before the weekend. Now there’s a relaxing thought!

ready for take off


  1. We had a darkened sky here too at 12pm as I headed for bed, so I dozed off while listening to a few raindrops pattering on my window! 🙂

    Glad you’re over the grumps – I hate feeling like that!!! 🙂

    Here’s to a wonderful weekend dude!!! 🙂

    God Bless and Huge hugs!!! 🙂


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  2. Not reading this on a Thursday but on the day after the day before . . . . . and am giggling away to myself, but also wondering if I am in a parallel universe as the geese effect and dark clouds happened to us too. Only they were English Geese not Canadian!

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  3. So pleased the Yoyo effect has warn off. And I missed Thursday and Friday and its almost the ending of Saturday..
    But you know you are doing well to even have me catch up again so soon Tom.. Until next Thursday 😉 😉

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  4. Thursdays always seemed good because they ended with the thought…T.G.I.F! No longer so as all days seem similar now and life is one big leisure with little grandchildren, who make my Thursday’s special. 🙂

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    1. I have no problem with Fridays the Thirteenth, Isadora – I was born on a 13th. They sometimes affect me in an odd way… I like to think that’s linked to the Moon, but it’s probably just me! 😀

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