One Minute Ramble: Relish



Keep a level head
As the world spirals around
And relish the rest

Sometimes, sitting back and observing is far more fun than taking part.

14 comments on “One Minute Ramble: Relish”

  1. So very true, Tom. You nailed it! This bit of wisdom is something I need to keep in mind as I’m re-rewriting my WIP for the umpteenth time! Oy vey. The words take a life of their own, and I end up chasing after them. Writing is such a joy isn’t it? (Yes!) 🙂

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  2. Oh yes…I’m loving sitting back and watching Tom 😉 Especially in London where they’re in an evil mood, stamping their feet and throwing all their toys out of the pram regarding that unmentionable subject…lol they’re really throwing a screaming tantrum! Cleared off to Brixton and relaxed with a hot chocolate listening to reggae in the sun whilst the rest of the world spiralled around…and I definitely relished it! Peace! Saturday I think I was in a parallel universe!! 😉

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            1. I would certainly hope not, Icewolf! Facebook is as horrendous as… as… what horrendous thing could I compare it to? Hmmm… can’t think… 😉
              I’m looking for a closet in the Mansion at present, and when I find it, I’m sure things may well just wake up a little… 😉 🙂 😀

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              1. As horrendous as the Barbican buildings?😉Was that what you were thinking of by any chance young Tom….lol…such a cruel and uncalled for comparison! I can see I shall have to do some work in this area ☺. .. I think the Mansion and the Barbican buildings would actually get on very well…! They might just be in the closet now I think about it 😆😃

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                1. Shock! Horror! That thought never once crossed my innocent mind, Icewolf. As if it very would. 😎
                  You’re right – the Mansion and the Barbican may well just get along nicely… a lot of strange things happen on these worlds of ours! 🙂

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