On the Nature Trail today, I came across a rose. A single, flame-coloured rose. It was on a rosebush… it wasn’t in the middle of a pavement or trackway or anything. I don’t actually know what kind of rose it was, but around these parts it is now known as the Fire Rose, as the petals curved outwards around the head, resembling flames from a fire licking this way and that.

This painting is still a watercolour, but for some reason I made the paint very very thick as I mixed it, and as I photographed it whilst it was still wet, it’s giving the appearance of oil paint. Well, I think it is as I haven’t used oil paints yet, but it looks thick and oily to me. I used my good paints again this time, as the vibrant colour shows… and I used my good brush as well.

Next time: less paint, more water. Still practicing. Practice makes perfect and all that. Or at least things a little better…


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