Are we in for rain today?

Yesterday Afternoon

I looked out through the window over the Grinds this morning and was quite surprised. Not a raindrop was falling. The ground was still wet, however, so I’ve probably timed my glance right so as to miss the downpours.

We had a shower last night that was so heavy, it must have been raining at least twice at once – that’s the only explanation for so much water to fall with such ferocity! I don’t know why the raindrops didn’t all just merge into one great puddle and fall as that. The thing is, it is also so warm with it! So, the windows open, torrential rain floods in, and there isn’t a lick of a breeze to make things even seem fresh.

So, hopefully, with today’s rain, things may freshen a little.

I’ve just read a post on the Met Office’s blog which says that the total rainfall is average for this time of year, so we’re probably just getting what rain we’re due all at once… so reading between the lines that may mean that the better weather is on its way!

(The above links directly to Cate’s blog, as I appear to have jumped the gun somewhat with this post)


    1. No worries, Jo, it’s a pleasure! 😀
      I live in leafy green Cheshire, probably so because of all the rain! No, I jest. I do live in Cheshire though! And we didn’t have a spot of rain today until this evening, so that was good! If you get the rains, I hope you get them at a ‘acceptable’ time…


  1. Hmmm… Singing again Tom? 😉

    We had showers here off and on all night, but I have nowhere to go thankfully! 🙂

    Humidity here is at 43%, so it looks like one muggy night!

    God Bless and stay dry. 🙂


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    1. Well, that’s good news, Icewolf. I mean about the good weather here and not the fact you’re going to Europa… although you being off to Europa is good news in itself – enjoy your trip. The Grinds’ micro-climate is doing some pretty funky stuff at present, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens there!

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