Today, folk from all over the United Kingdom and Gibraltar have been voting in the Referendum to state their choice as to whether the UK should remain in the European Union, or whether the UK should leave the European Union.

It’s taken what seems like a century for today to arrive, since the referendum was announced. I’ve been like a coiled spring waiting for today to arrive to get my vote cast. My mind was made up when the referendum was announced, and no number of debates, scaremongering, he said she saids, biased news reports, propaganda, lies, figures, external ‘influences’, threats, opinions, expensive leaflets, businessmen, work colleagues, and TV debates were ever going to change my mind. And they didn’t.

I cast my vote earlier this evening.

I’m not political, but I have my opinion.

As I write this, the polling booths close in five minute’s time at 10pm. Soon, we will learn the outcome of this referendum and see which side has won. And then we’ll have months of gloating to get through before we see any changes. Or, we’ll see if the public opinion has been listened to this time. Boaty McBoatface didn’t stand a chance.

As a result of tonight’s vote, I haven’t time to go on the Nature Trail, but as always, a change is as good as a rest.

It’s now 10pm. Well, here goes…


    1. Hi Sylvia. It was very close, but after the first few results that put Remain in the lead, it was Leave all the way. Most areas were split almost half each give or take. But in the end the Leave camp edged ever so slightly into the Remain side and were declared the winner. And from there the ripples spread ever outward!

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  1. I was in the line at the checkout at Iceland when the Polish couple ahead of me were asked if they wanted help packing their bags.

    Cruel woman: We only voted yesterday… 😉

    God Bless!


    P.S: I voted to stay because I could see what was coming.

    Boy do I hate being right… 😦

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    1. For me, the vote wasn’t about the people, Prenin, but there may well be scenes like the one you describe. I hope not. With the vote being split as it was, a couple of different votes here or there, and if some of those who didn’t vote had done so, the result could have been different.
      A huge change is now ahead of us, Prenin. We can only look forward with positivity.

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