Once again we’re in the great outdoors, searching the nature trail for anything we can find. And look! We’ve been spotted by a squirrel. A slightly startled squirrel that is about to back off and scarper any second, but a squirrel all the same.

This is another attempt at a watercolour for Charlie’s monthly theme over at Doodlewash. I’m still using the el cheapo paints, and this was done with an even cheaper brush which shed bristles on contact with water, but always left one still attached slightly longer than all the others, which had a ‘drag’ effect on the paint as it touched the paper. Still, I managed to sort that problem out, but then overdid it with the black watercolour pencil to add a few embellishments to the fluffy tail. Ah well. It looks squirrelish to me, so I’ll go with it! Spellchecker thought I meant ‘squirrelfish’ then… now, I wonder what they look like? Hmmm…

Pop on over to Charlie’s if you’d like to have a go at splashing some watercolours around – the link above has all the details you’ll need!


  1. That’s a wonderful painting, Tom! You’re so talented! I did a small painting with acrylics today, and the result has convinced me to limit my “artistic” endeavors to spray-painting the raw wood surfaces after I prune my apple trees. At least I’ve mastered that. 😉

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