I present to you wine of the finest quality, from grapes grown in my very own Grinds, trampled by my very own feet. That’s actually just put me off wine for life, but we’ll swiftly move on.

This rather rough and ready watercolour has been quickly created for Charlie’s #DoodlewashDinner. I promised I’d get another one in by the end of the month, and I had a spare half an hour (unusual for me at the moment!) so I thought I’d get creative once again. I’m still using those el-cheapo watercolour paints and the brush that came with them (hence some of the colour spilling beyond the lines – but that’s OK around these here parts). I also used some watercolour pencils to add some of the details, but they didn’t work very well either. 

Still, we have a bottle of red, a bottle of white and a bottle of rosé, and each bottle contains the juices of at least one grape.

Check out Charlie’s site to see what other folk have brought along for the dinner. It’s been running all month now, so we should be starting to feel a little full…

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