Way up high, really way up high, in the jagged peaks of Mount Olympus, we find Chione’s Heights (and depths) that are spread over much of the top section of the great Mount. Zeus has allowed the minor Goddess (she’s more of a nymph, truth be told, although I wouldn’t let her hear me say that!) free reign over these barren mountaintops, so she can paint freely with the snow that she controls.

Whenever she has a free moment (and being Goddess-like she has plenty!), she sings on the icy cold winds that swirl all around the area, and scatters many a snowstorm in all directions. She loves the crisp brightness and whiteness of the snow, and sometimes her shadow can be seen cascading down the snow-covered mountainside. Her shadow always appears where it shouldn’t be, so it’s easy to spot whenever she is playing. It’s always best to say a cheery ‘hello!’ whenever her shadow appears, as when she’s offended (and being Goddess-like she can get very offended at times! (shhhh)) she’ll cast aside the shadow, replacing it with the brightest of glares, causing snow blindness. Best stay on her good side, methinks!

It makes a change for us to actually be on Mount Olympus for this part of the whistle-stop tour we’re taking, normally we find ourselves just around the place. And it makes a change to see snow again, although it doesn’t seem that long ago when last we saw it…

Another collection of hastily drawn random shapes in PowerPoint make up this composition, with a bit of tweaking from PicMonkey this time… and an added light-flare for good measure. That was me, though, and not Chione. Well, at least I think it was…


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