Wordle: The Emergence of Change


The bright white light hovered then hung motionless
Like a screen that didn’t exactly block out the Sun
Then it shattered into a thousand million shards
With each cascading segment
Resembling a petal from a number of different flowers
They took their time to fall,
But as they did the sunlight started to burn through
And as they did the petals changed to fish then feathers
And as they did they draped like cloth around an ethereal body
And as they did they also made a pair of silvery wings
Until the last feather entered its allotted place
And from out of the light emerged an Angel
From out of the light emerged change

12 comments on “Wordle: The Emergence of Change”

  1. As i read and tumbled down with the feather and its changes i couldn’t help but think imagination is a wonderful thing – but then reconsidered – if we look at things in a different way and allow them to flow and change reality can be too.. a clever and bright poem

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