The Sun is blazing. Sizzling in the clear blue sky above. There isn’t even a wisp of a cloud anywhere in sight in that vast open space that goes on and on forever.

The temperature is soaring. The birds are chirping merrily in the trees. Squirrels bound about from tree to tree, seemingly without rhyme or reason – but they know what’s going on.

Walking passed a park, a band is playing joyously in a bandstand. Crowds of people are gathered around, happily eating ice-creams and dancing along.

Remember to take in the moment. Do not miss a second. Do not even blink.

Blink? Blink! Here’s Blink 182 with All the Small Things! (The song the band in the bandstand are playing):

And here’s a slightly different version by Avril Lavigne:

So. What’s all this about? you wonder. Then, wonder no longer!

This year, I’m running a poll to find the Beyond the Sphere Sound of Summer, from a handful of (well, six, actually!)  selected songs borrowed from elsewhere on the internet and embedded here. The songs are used to invoke a Feel Good vibe and to promote that Feel Good Feeling! It’s the Little Things that combine to make a greater good!


  1. I guess it’s the small things that surprise people. I would never have guessed you’d post a video featuring a…

    lip ring! How decadent! And here I thought my video suggestions were too decadent for this blog. 😉

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  2. Well, Tom, Blink 182 was a new one for me. I restarted it within seconds as I thought my eyes were deceiving me but, alas no – it WAS a man in his underwear. Although, I was shocked I decided to see the whole thing. Perhaps, a reason would come up somewhere. NOPE …. just underwear. It’s a catchy tune – the video 🤑
    Avril Lavigne’s video is a lot more fun.
    I think I missed one song … Did I?
    Have a GREAT WEEK …
    Isadora 😎

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    1. Maybe I should have posted a quick warning about the video with this one, Isadora… but it’s the song I wanted to showcase! (I sound very DJ-ey don’t I? Hehehe!) Quite a lot of videos have no relevance to the song though, in my opinion!
      Hope you’re having a good weekend!

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