Just picture it… lounging on a recliner in a peaceful garden on a hot Summer’s day. A little babbling brook trickling by adds a little Summertime Sparkle to the proceedings. Just as you are about to drift off in the warm breeze, this song is carried from some nearby source. It’s always good to have something to lift and carry you on a lazy, balmy, Summer’s day.

And here’s Andy Williams’ version:

What’s all this about? I hear you ask (thank you person at the back there!) Well, I’m looking to find the Beyond the Sphere Sound of Summer! Over the next few weeks, I shall be posting different versions of songs which I feel would add a bit of Summery Magic to everyone, and at the end of which will post a poll, whereby we can vote for our combined Sound of Summer! Just for fun… and even if it isn’t Summer where you are, don’t worry! You can still take part!

All music videos are posted for entertainment purposes only and remain the property of the bill payer artist concerned – I’ve merely ‘borrowed’ them for dramatic effect. If I were to provide my own version of these songs, the entertainment value will plummet to it’s lowest ever level, and we’ll have a damp, dark Summer.


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