Empty space.

Ideas abound.

The first line drawn across; the next one, down.

Crissing and crossing, sketching away.

Filling the space in any old way.

Reach for the paintbrush.

And then for the paints.

Add dabs and strokes; there will be no mistakes.

Colours blend and merge and drip.

Run down the canvas to the easel’s lip.

Splatter the colour, spread the paint.

Lose yourself as you create.

Feel good as you see your painting take shape.

It may be abstract, but that’s OK.

You’ve created something from nothing.

Something unique that didn’t exist.

With merely a blank canvas,

Some paints, a brush,

And a few flicks of your wrist!

5 thoughts

  1. I envy you TL….I’m the type to paint two or three strokes and decide it is ugly and scrub it out. I can never tune out that critiquing voice that hovers at my ear…It must be fun to just be able to paint without judgment. Something for me to work on as if I don’t already have a full load. That poor fellow in the picture looks as if he’s seen a ghost! Well living at the mansion I guess that is normal…VK 🙂

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    1. Oh, please don’t envy me, VK… I have plenty of shocking creations that are so cringeworthy I can’t even bring myself to be rid of them! I used to spend so much time comparing my efforts to the masterpieces others create, but now I just like the creation process, if not the end result.
      The grotesque monstrosity in this post is an example. I like the colours, but I don’t think I like the image. And I don’t actually know what it is meant to be! I’m seeing ‘nun on a roller coaster’, but I don’t think that’s politically correct nowadays. I think it’s just a case of just do it!

      And I agree… plenty of ghosts in this Mansion to create some kind of response – if you’re not used to them, that is!

      Happy March, VK!

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    1. I suppose that depends on how you look at things, Isadora.
      The painting is actually a digital one, and started but not completed many months ago. Then I wrote the poem, and needed an image to illustrate it, and then I rediscovered the incomplete image and ‘finished it off’! They overlapped is the best way to describe it!
      I’m pleased you enjoyed the post, however! 😀

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