Weary. Hungry. Damp. Hot. And cold.

Would you stop and wait whilst you had your portrait painted?

This grizzly wasn’t very impressed either.

Having never seen a grizzly up close before, this is a stretch of the imagination. After waiting in the stream for hours on end, and catching one salmon, I could imagine the bear’s expression, if not the bear itself.

I gave myself 30 minutes to come up with this minute doodle. That’s minute as in small, not as in time.

Words. No wonder we’re confused at times.

(This post has been jointly inspired by two bloggers I follow, Colonialist and Diane Henders… in a roundabout fashion. A bit like the bear, really.)

Do bears have tails? Do bears walk upright? Will I ever post about something I actually know?

These questions and more will be asked in a future post. More than likely…

21 thoughts

  1. I’ve seen bears walk upright. And there are lots of tales about bears with Goldilocks, and Pooh (to whom I would like to add Pish and Tush) and I am gratificated to be inspirational even if I cannot for the life or def of me think why!


    1. You don’t necessarily have to know why to be inspirational, Col, you can just be! And you were! About the words… not the bear. Things just came together, so credit where credit’s due, says I.


    1. That resemblance is nothing of my doing, Tess, and is purely coincidental. I did notice the similarity as I glanced back and to from my Avatar image after you mentioned it, but no – it just turned out that way. The bear isn’t as rotund as I am, anyway.


  2. Don’t think they have tails that long. More like a bump on their butt. I don’t think they hold their catch in their hands, more like rip them apart in their mouths. Really though, fun pic…Thanks for sharing ..Were we feeling a bit like a bear today and drawing a selfie TL ? VK


    1. I felt inspired to paint a bear from memory, VK. Not a million miles out, but as this is a newly discovered bear, with a bigger tail and it likes to carry fish, it’s actually quite spot on (even though I say so myself!) It is also as grumpy as, and doesn’t like to have its portrait painted. Nothing like me at all. Well, not counting the grumpiness at times, I suppose…


    1. That resemblance is a complete act of nature, LA. A chance happening that was of not my intention.
      Thanks for mentioning the sparkles… a little voice reminded me that sometimes you can see other colours in fish, so I went for it. It also helps to draw the eyes away from the bear.


  3. Thanks for the mention, Tom, and I love your cranky-bear doodle! And yes, bears have stumpy tails, and yes, they do sometimes stand upright – but if you meet one and he stands on his hind legs, you’re in deep doo-doo. All in all, I have to say I prefer your doodle to the real thing. 😉


  4. Definitely NOT Balloo, but a good picture all the same!!! 🙂

    Bears have a short tail and I have seen them fish – On TV naturally!!! 🙂

    God Bless my friend!!! 🙂



    1. I never thought of looking up bear images on line before starting, Prenin. My bear could have been more bear-like if I’d done that… but it may have taken longer than the 30 minutes… or the bear would’ve been in black and white. At least this way it’s original.


  5. There seem to be a lot of suggestions that your bear may have been a selfie!!! I hope that fish was a legally caught one if that’s the case!! Wonder like to think you had the bear-faced cheek to go poaching them!! 🙂 😀


    1. The similarities between the bear and me are entirely coincidental, Icewolf. And I don’t think the fishing law applies to bears. Well, not this bear, anyway…


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