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  1. When I visit your site, Tom, I figure that it’s your job to not only enlighten me about when the journey ends, but also when it starts, who’s going along for the ride (Walpole?), what stops they make, did anyone think to pack hair gel and did I noticed the ominous faces in the shrubbery along the way? (Probably missed those, but I figure I can count on you to patiently point those out.)


    1. There’s always something different, yet slightly familiar on this journey, LA.
      Your mentioning of Walpole has reminded me that I haven’t posted the next part of this year’s tale featuring him through that hole in the wall out in the Grinds. I shall include this post as an interlude to that tale, as a train was due to feature…


    1. It is, Rebecca, but I like to think of things having alternative endings with unlimited possibilities. The inevitable end then becomes only one of many.
      Whether I’m right, though, will only be disclosed to me… at the end!


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