Halloween 2013.9

31st October 2013 21:40 Hours

The footsteps and whistling continued to get ever closer, but then seemed to go right back to the beginning again only to get closer and closer again. As if they were in a loop of some kind, similar to the phrases I keep hearing being said.

It must have something to do with that Stone Tape Theory, where stones and old buildings ‘record’ and ‘play back’ events from the past.

That’s what I’m putting it down to, anyway. I need to be rational, and not go off on one, coming up with random stories! Not right now, anyway, whilst I’m at the end of a dark underground corridor.

Still, the footsteps and the “Get Out!” are very eerie.

Anyway, back with my investigation. In the last half an hour or so, I have found what appears to be a doorframe, but the door itself must have been ‘bricked in’ or rather ‘stoned in’ back in the day, for some reason.

The door is on the short wall at the end of the corridor, not the long walls on either side, which, to me, seems strange. Why have a long corridor to walk along to get to an attic room? There must have been some purpose for it when the Room was used though, I guess.

I’m calling it a corridor, but a thought has just struck me.

I’m underground.

What if this is a tunnel? That would explain why there aren’t any doors apart from this one at the end.

But if this is a tunnel, that means the Room isn’t an attic.

The more I think about it, this IS a tunnel. It’s rounded.

And there’s movement from behind me, where the door is.

6 responses to “Halloween 2013.9”

  1. Visionkeeper avatar

    Perhaps the voices are coming from the stoned off doorway TL…Perhaps they have been trapped behind it since day one….Take care and stay alert 🙂


    1. Tom Merriman avatar

      Maybe, VK. One day I’ll see if I can go beyond the wall, see what I can find…


  2. europasicewolf avatar

    Oooh I don’t know…why not have a long dark tunnel leading to an attic room?…what should concern you is what you will find in the attic room! And is the “Get Out!” aimed at you?!! No danger of that happening I’m sure 😀


    1. Tom Merriman avatar

      Didn’t find anything anywhere, Icewolf.
      Mind you, I wouldn’t have known what to have done with it, had I found anything.


  3. prenin avatar

    If the door is stoned, then what was it smoking??? 😉

    God Bless!



    1. Tom Merriman avatar

      Probably CM’s radioactive garlic, Prenin! 😀


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