31st October 2013 21:05 Hours

If I could type in a whisper, I’ll be doing it now.

I’m at the end of the corridor – the ‘left’ end from where the door was, and the noises are very clear here. I think they’re just echoes… but where from is a mystery.

The echoes ARE voices. So far, I’ve heard “I’m Cook”, “Yes ma’am” and, chillingly (and I would hear it tonight!), “Get Out”! There are also the usual taps and bumps – the expected noises for Halloween, when you’re alone in a long dark corridor.

The phrases are being repeated, over and over, in the same order, although sometimes they overlap each other, and when they overlap that’s when I get the chattering sound I could hear from inside the Room. It’s quite loud down here, though.

As soon as I typed that, another noise has joined the mix. This time, it isn’t a voice or tapping.


Footsteps coming in my direction, from the doorway back up the corridor.

Slow moving and quite sinister sounding actually. I’m imagining someone in a long black coat and hat walking with their hands clasped behind their back… my imagination does wonders for me at times like this.

And something else has joined the footsteps.


I8=’ll be back soon.

6 thoughts

  1. You are doomed Tom! Doomed I say!! I wonder what’s following you?…something horrific and terrible without a doubt 😉 You are definitely doomed! But it was good knowing you! lol 😉


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