31st October 2013 22:15 Hours

I know I shouldn’t have run, but I did.

There was a definite presence, a movement, behind me at the end of the tunnel. A shuffling sound, as though someone was carrying or pushing something heavy through the door.

It wasn’t that sound, however, that made me run.

It was the voice.

“I’m Cook”, it said, directly in my ear, followed by “Get Out!”

Out of order from the way they were before. Clearer. Definite.

So I ran back along the tunnel, through a very cold part that wasn’t there before, although it may have come in through the door from the Room.

It’s 10pm now, and so far, all I’ve done is fall in through the window, waded through water, and freaked myself out in a dark stone tunnel.

I still have no idea what the Room is for, but I don’t think it’s connected to this tunnel. I think they’re from two different times, although the stones in the tunnel and the stones on the walls outside of the room appear to be the same.

I’m cold, damp, and in need of a cup of tea. So, I’ll have one from out of my flask.

6 thoughts

  1. Whoa. I must’ve passed out from my own garlic breath. That’ll teach me to eat the radioactive variety. Glad to see you’ve also (barely) survived the night (so far). If your flask doesn’t help, you can try my breath. You can probably smell it across the miles – or kilometers. Or kilometres, whatever spelling is appropriate. Garlic is medicinal, and the radioactivity is a bonus. Or so I say. 😉


    1. Looks like we both had a good night, CM. I’ve heard that radioactive garlic is good stuff!!!
      Oh, I did notice your breath – I hope you don’t mind, but I accidentally mentioned it to Icewolf in an earlier reply!


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