31st October 2013 20:30 Hours

The butties were lovely! I’d also had some cleansing wet-wipes in my rucksack so I could clean myself before I started to eat anything… I somehow think that the butties wouldn’t have been half as nice if I hadn’t. And the Victoria sponge was fabulous. I don’t think you can go wrong with Victoria sponge, although it may come close when eating it with hands covered in slime from one thing or another. Anyway, moving on!

It is definitely lighter on the other side of the door!

The door opened onto a long stone corridor, and although I can’t see any windows I can see further than I could in the Room which is really strange.

I don’t know where all the water has gone; it must have seeped through the stones or something, taking the lurking contents with it as it went, as the stones actually look clean. The same grey-white stone that is outside is everywhere in this corridor. Maybe it’s the stones themselves that are creating the light.

The door I’ve just come through is a solid dark wood door, quite thick actually – too thick in my opinion for the doorknob that I used to open it, but it worked, so I’ll not dwell on this any longer. There are enough mysteries in this world anyway without me bringing in the mystery of the doorknob! Maybe I’ll come back one day and have another look at this one!

So now I’m in this corridor. To let you know, I have the door behind my back. The corridor heads off to my left and right, and ahead of me is the stone wall. Well, the stones are now all around me apart from the door, but you can now get the feel of where I am.

And the chattering has started again – from the left. Very clear it is too. Like a lot of muffled voices. I know I really shouldn’t, but I’m going to see if I can see where it’s coming from.

I’ll let you know what I find soon!

4 thoughts

    1. I couldn’t possibly have anything else in my head, Icewolf… it’s full to overflowing right now as it is!
      Unless I come to write a post, and then, as if by magic, it goes completely empty!


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