Halloween! 2013. 6

31st October 2013 19:55 Hours

I’ve literally just managed to get the door open!

After fifteen minutes of pulling the door with all my might, one hefty shove was all it needed! It opened out of the room. I had to hold on to the door as all of the water from the room gushed passed me, which didn’t take very long at all, but there were also other things in the water that I could feel brushing passed me. Banging into me, actually. But I’ve put them to the back of my mind.

To be honest, I’d never actually thought that there could have been anything IN the water, and I hadn’t noticed anything as I was walking around. It makes sense that there would be things in it though, after all the place has been here for years… or so it seems.

I’m feeling slightly hungry now, so I’ll sit on the part of the floor that I fell down when I discovered the door. It seems strange, and it may just be my imagination, but since I opened the door it seems lighter somehow. There’s also a warmth from outside the room – again, I could be making it up!

For now though, I’ll sit here and eat my butties and have a nice cup of tea. Oh, and a slice of Victoria sponge… I’d forgotten all about that! I haven’t the foggiest idea what I may be sitting in… and I don’t really want to think about it as I eat either…

4 responses to “Halloween! 2013. 6”

  1. europasicewolf avatar

    Can’t believe what you’re choosing to eat in these rather dire circumstances! A true Brit cuppa too!!!


    1. Tom Merriman avatar

      When it’s time to eat, Icewolf, it’s time to eat. Got to keep that strength up!


  2. prenin avatar

    Sounds like you were well provisioned! 🙂

    God Bless!



    1. Tom Merriman avatar

      Well organised me, Prenin.
      Sometimes, that is…


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