31st October 2013 17:33 Hours

You will not believe what happened within the last thirty minutes!

The window to the New Room opened easily. It wasn’t locked as I first thought. It was a little tough to open at first, but it opened fully outwards in about ten minutes. I tied one end of the manky rope ladder to the wooden pointy thing above the window and pushed the rest of it into the eerie darkness.

I took my first step onto the window sill at about 5.10pm.

It was the only step I made on the window sill. As I’d mentioned earlier, this evening there are quite a few slippery parts in places, and dry parts in others. The window sill was a slippery one. Needless to say, I slipped on my first step.

Luckily, I somehow managed to get myself tangled up in the manky rope ladder – well, my left leg did – as I tumbled in through the window, falling head-first into the darkness.

The manky ladder caught me, and I was left dangling in pitch blackness for about fifteen minutes. I’ve literally just managed to free myself.

I’m now standing knee-deep in water, with the only light in the Room coming from the window above. It’s not actually light, I must add, but as my eyes have gotten used to the darkness I can just about make out the shadows.

Isn’t it strange how you can always make out the shadows first in darkness? I’ve never really pondered that before!

So, it may have taken me half an hour, but I’m in.

Now it’s time to explore!

8 thoughts

  1. The shadows are coming to get youuuuuuu!!!! Manky rope…slippery ledges…you’re not getting off to the best of starts you know!! Just think of the Health and Safety issues here and you of course didn’t do a risk assessment did you? lol…obvious since you got to hang in mid air in the dark for 15 ghoulish minutes!!!


    1. Hanging about on Halloween night is quite fun, Icewolf. But no, I didn’t do any assessment – I just dove straight in. Well, toppled, but you know what I mean!


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