31st October 2013 18:10 Hours

Right, I’ve been sploshing around in this room for about half an hour now.

For some reason, I imagined it to be fully furnished with really old furniture, a Grandfather clock in the corner that chimed away every half an hour, and a roaring fire in a fireplace. The thing is, this room must be an upstairs room, possibly a bedroom, so in reality those things wouldn’t have been here anyway. Talk about dashing ideas twice!

It seems to be quite a long room, and I haven’t come across a door yet, although I have managed to walk into all four of the walls! Even with the light from my mobile phone, it’s still very dark.

I’ve gotten used to the water, which is considerably warm, all things considered. And by the sounds of things from the open window, the wind is getting up outside.

It may be the water, but I’m noticing strange noises inside here every now and again. The gurgling one should be explained away by the water, I would hope, but there’s an underlying tapping and what also sounds like a distant chatter – which changes to a hum and then drifts away into silence again. I’ve heard that ‘chatter’ twice now, but only when I’ve been down the other side of the room. At the moment, I’m under the window again and can only hear the wind!

And something has just touched the back of my head! Gotta go before I drop the phone!!!

8 thoughts

  1. Oh wolf!! Hackles raised and lips curled in ferocious terror-struck snarl! Maybe it’s time to loose those fireworks you metnioned…gurgling usually means hungry! Chattering…teeth maybe…in cannibalistic anticipation of your doom at the claws….manky zombie hands…night terrors or whatever nightmare awaits you in the darkness!! Quick! Grab that mobile phone…look! You almost lost it!!


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