31st October 2013 23:55 Hours

I came into the room at about 11:25, and made sure the door was closed securely behind me. It is a heavy door, and needs a hefty shove to open it, and I don’t remember seeing a doorknob on the other side, so it would be difficult to open from that side – should anything get into the tunnel, that is!

The Room is now quite chilly, but it would be at this time. I’ve checked under the window, and the manky old rope ladder is still there, and still attached, I’m pleased to say!

Nothing else has happened in the Room, apart from me receiving a text message on my mobile, which almost made me leap out of my skin.

So, apart from the odd noise or two, I haven’t come across any monsters. Which is really the best result I could hope for… although; I’d have much preferred to have not come across them in a dry condition. I need a hot bath now, and put these damp clothes into the wash.

Oh, by the way, the text message: It wasn’t the receiving of it that gave me the start, it was the message itself. ‘I’m Cook’ it read. I’m not giving my mobile the chance to receive what would be the next message in turn, and I’m getting out now!

Hope you’ve had a fun Halloween!

14 thoughts

  1. Well done TL…Glad you are safe. It was a wonderful exploration with you. I really do want you to knock down that stoned over wall and see what lies beyond it though…There has to be more down there. I am sure there is! Thanks TL…Great fun being interactive with you….Great Halloween…VK


    1. Maybe for next year’s Halloween special I will, VK. Unless I go and do it earlier. Maybe next time, the post won’t be as long – or in as many parts!
      Glad you’ve had fun, VK… that was really all I wanted!


  2. Tom I caught up with you thrilling night this morning, I did manage to read a few in my phone and clicked the like button LOL, but then the bewitching hour took over and the Night owls called me to roost..

    Wonderful story filled with drama and suspense…. I hope you slept well within the room
    🙂 Enjoy a peaceful weekend.. xoxox Sue


  3. You certainly made for a fun night and I had a great time courtesy of your explorations! I hope you may decide to do similar interactive tales at opportune times…christmas is coming and the cook is getting fat!!!! I would be very careful with that mobile now it’s been exposed to a text message from Cook…who knows what is cooking inside its circuitary now!! Hmm…hope you returned the key to the pits of hell underneath the Mansion to the right jar…who knows what might happen next!!! 🙂


    1. The key is safe and sound once again, Icewolf, somewhere down in the Catacombs.
      I enjoyed writing about this Halloween expedition, and I may do another at some point in the (near) future!


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