Halloween 2013.13

31st October 2013 23:15 Hours

I’m back outside the door to the Room again. I had to change the battery in my mobile, although it was fully charged before I came out this evening. It even looked fully charged when I was typing my updates at that end of the tunnel, but would suddenly lose all power, after, which is really odd, posting the few words I managed to type.

Anyway, I’m out of that area now, and back in the middle of the tunnel. The door is directly ahead of me, which now means Cook’s End is to my right, and the warm and not-so-comfortable end is to my left.

Apart from a few spooky voices and noises, and the odd ‘glitch’ with the mobile, not a lot has actually happened this evening.

In a way, I’m glad, being honest, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to type these updates!

I haven’t found any answers by coming down here, which I knew would be the case anyway, but I have discovered this odd tunnel, which may provide the setting for some future post or other!

I’m now going to go back into the Room, and have another look around there. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get one more update in before the Witching Hour.

2 responses to “Halloween 2013.13”

  1. prenin avatar

    Phew! 🙂

    Tom gets to ride again!!! 🙂

    Good adventure my friend – now get your ass home and into some dry clothes!!! 🙂

    God Bless!



    1. Tom Merriman avatar

      All dry again now!
      Glad you enjoyed it, Prenin!


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