Fate’s Message

Happy November!

I had great fun last night exploring the parts of the Mansion that are normally hidden from view, but I never realised how many posts it took to document the night! There seemed to be hundreds!

A few highlights from the night, to save you reading through all of the posts (unless you want to, that is – I don’t want to stop you!):

  • Icewolf called by, advising the howling wolves were actually alien visitors from Europa. I never saw any, but they certainly made a racket.
  • CM Stewart got all dressed up for the night, but ended up falling asleep after eating too much radioactive garlic. Talk about garlic breath! Phew!
  • Visionkeeper, Prenin, Nancy, Tess and Sue Dreamwalker all came along for part of the journey (apologies if I’ve missed anyone else out, and links to all of these fine people’s blogs  – and others! – can be found in the Links Page! I managed to grab a screenshot of some visitors earlier on as I wanted to capture CM’s Gravatar for the night; clicking the image will go to the links page)
  • I didn’t find anything, which really goes without saying.
  • And I had the highest ever number of daily visitors yesterday, since my blog began… so thank you all for calling by – and coming back! I really do appreciate it!


So, now to today’s post – and it is a quickie. A Message from the Universe, actually.

When I started to write this post, one of my Cosmic Ordering Oracle Cards fell from the shelf. It was Courage.

The message on the card reads:

It only takes a little bit of courage to change

Timely for me… and perhaps for you also? That’s why I thought I’d share it.

21 Comments on “Fate’s Message

  1. Lovely party, Tom! You are a charming host. Sorry about the nodding off, it was the garlic. That radioactivity is exhausting. Hope my breath didn’t stink too badly. I thought some of the other guests might enjoy it. I know I did. 🙂


    • No, not at all, CM, it was hardly noticeable.
      I enjoyed it, you enjoyed it, and I think a few others did as well. It was tiring though, so I don’t blame you for nodding off.


  2. I cannot recall where I first heard the expression “change is good”, but I think it was either in a Shakespearean sonnet or a Taco Bell slogan. Tom, you cannot write about Halloween forever … On second thought, you probably can, but maybe you should heed the advice of your Oracle Card.


    • Change indeed is good, LA, and change is definitely on the cards, shall we say!
      The only thing about not writing about a theme, is thinking of something to write about! But, there is always a way around that ‘problem’. Writing about Halloween constantly would become rather dull…


  3. 😦
    I missed it 😦
    I had to work *pouts*

    Glad you all had such a terrifying time!! Don’t worry Tom…I think they all went out for a party which was why you didn’t find anything in the Mansion!!


  4. Tried three times to post this…Yahoo is going crazy. Too much spying and they are now behind the eight ball. Shame, shame…Glad you got so many visitors TL….Job well done! As for the card, well…The universe is always changing, it is never stationary. It is what we do with our changing that matters most, are we shifting and changing to benefit ourselves or is it for the benefit of all. Don’t change too much TL…Love ya just the way you are 🙂 VK


    • Sorry to hear you’ve had problems posting your comment, VK… I wish I had a reason for the delay in my reply, but I don’t. I hope the problems have rectified themselves now.
      And thank you… I do have some areas that I want to change, but I’ll try to keep them to a minimum. Hopefully, service will not be disrupted during the refurbishments!


  5. Halloween party? Well I never got on the PC
    or did I? Well if I did it was a quick showing and
    off I went… I don’t even remember what I was
    getting up to, not much or I would have certainly
    filled you in on the details 🙂 lol

    It must have been a wicked affair, noooo not what I
    was up to, I mean your Halloween Party of course 🙂

    Have a nice rest of evening Tom



    • It was fun, Andro. Everyone was partying whilst I was exploring a dank, dark, damp, murky tunnel underground, and reporting on my findings… which turned out not to be anything, actually!


  6. I marvel at your energy, Tom. You did it! You kept up every day. *shakes head*
    It’s always a party at your place and this one is the highlight of the year.
    Thanks for the mention as well. A fellow needs support when he steps into the face of danger and the unknown. 😉 Glad to have been along for the ride.


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