31st October 2013 22:50 Hours

The tea was cold; horrid.

I must have broken the flask inside my backpack when I walked into one of the walls, which I did many times as I walked backwards along the tunnel, trying to hear what was going on, but not wanting to be in the thick of it.

Even walking into the wall freaked me out on occasion, as every time I did it, it seemed to coincide with one of the phrases I keep hearing.

I’d hit the wall, and hear “I’m Cook”. I’d do it again, and hear “Yes ma’am”, and again and hear “Get Out”. Then, back to “I’m Cook” again. I spent a good few minutes actually experimenting with this earlier, which I forgot to mention, and that’s probably when I broke the flask.

I’m now back outside the door to the Room, which, thankfully, is still open. And still there!

The chattering noises are still there, but distant again, as they’re down the end of the tunnel. The footsteps and whistling appear every now and again, but, once again, don’t seem to be as sinister as before.

I’m now going to go up to the other end of the tunnel, right from the door this time, and spend a few minutes down there to see what I can find.

I feel a lot calmer now, after my sprint, so back to the job in hand.

4 thoughts

  1. Not surprised the tea was horrid! It was probably full of slime…and who knows what the cook might have dropped in it when you weren’t looking? 😀 If I was you I wouldn’t even think about feeling calmer! I would be afraid…very afraid!!


  2. Ever the intrepid explorer! 🙂

    The sounds are interesting! 🙂

    As you say it could just be a memory stored in the stones.

    Pity about the flask… 😦

    God Bless!



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