31st October 2013 22:50 Hours

It’s very warm at this end of the tunnel, but I’m guessing I’m now somewhere near the Mansion, which has its own heat source.

It’s a lot quieter at this end, and seems much more comfortable than the other end.

There’s still the bricked in doorframe on the short wall, so this tunnel must have been used to get from the Mansion (or whatever was there when the tunnel was used) to the other end. I’ve called that end ‘Cook’s End’, as just talking about ends can get very confusing, and that’s where I heard the voice in my ear telling me it was Cook.

There’s a dripping noise at this end, but everywhere I touch is dry. There’s a sulphur-like smell, but very faint. That must be from the stones, I guess.

As well as the dripping, there’s a slight tapping, and a gentle hum, but apart from that, it actually feels quite welcoming. Not like the fear-filled feelings from Cook’s End.

Having just typed that, a strange noise has just literally filled the place. I can only describe it as several musical instruments being tuned up together, or air in a pipe making a groaning noise. That’s not very nice.

Luckily, no voices.


4 thoughts

  1. You went out with that key didn’t you? lol…the one to the pits of hell beneath the Mansion! That’s why you can smell sulphur! I knew I should have hidden the key better than I did!!!! Oopsy!


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