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Frank's Challenge

May is the month for introductions.

Well, it isn’t, but it seems to be! Firstly, Andra published a post requesting that we add little introductions over on her blog, so we can then visit other bloggers we may not have had the opportunity to come across yet. I’ve added my dodgy introduction over there, and, when I get back fully into the swing of things, I shall check out the links. And speaking of links, here’s the link to Andra’s post if you’d like to check it out… it’s good to share!

I’m haphazardly and randomly selecting posts from all of the blogs I follow through the reader at present, not reading each post in turn as I used to do… still trying to get back in the swing as it were.

The image for Frank’s latest post caught my eye, so I checked it out. I will get around to reading all of the blogs I follow in due course, so please don’t be offended if I haven’t got to you yet. Clicking the image will take you to Frank’s post, and his version of an A to Z Blogging Challenge if you would like to have a go yourself. It isn’t compulsory, no nominations are needed, and it’s a good way to highlight some of your older posts.

So, in keeping with the introductions theme, this post will feature 26 alphabetical facts about me, whilst also linking to one of my ancient posts. This post is very link heavy.

Sit back, get yourself comfortable, and prepare yourself for some drivel… I’ll wake you should you fall asleep…

A was going to be about Aquatom, but it can’t be any longer as that character has flown off into the distance, so instead it will be about ART. Namely, the art that I create. I describe it as art, but others may have another word for it, however I enjoy having a go… and it is that that ultimately matters I feel. One of my favourite creations was a Vampire Cat I created for this post. Incidentally, I have a fondness for cats…

B is for Bad Hair. Yes, I have good hair on occasions, but more often than not it’s bad. Very bad. I write about it often. Here’s one of the posts.

C is for Cosmic Ordering. I’m a Cosmic Orderer, I love all things Universal, Magical, and Coincidental. This post is my introduction on how to actually do it.

D is for Dot the Ghost. In my Mansion, I have a visitor from beyond who likes to play with my electricals. Here’s where I introduced Dot to the world.

E is for England. I’m British and I’m English. I occasionally write about England. This post is about England before it was England. England. Did I mention that I occasionally write about England?

F is for Feeling Good. I love to Feel Good. I try to promote it at every opportunity. This links to a page with some music videos that help me to Feel Good…

G is for Gerald. Gerald is a normal everyday person who wound up a group of Goddesses one day by something he wrote. Gerald (and the Goddesses – they don’t need to be angered any further!) features in one of my ongoing storylines, Legendary Circles… this link will take you to the Storylines menu where you can read the tale from the very beginning.

H is for Hair. Yes, I know I’ve already mentioned it, but it’s a big thing when it’s bad. It’s good at the moment, though, so that’s good! Hair’s another post about it…

I is for Imagination. I have a rather vivid imagination. I can remember my dreams (mostly) with ease. I can fly and swim and travel throughout the Universe when I allow my imagination to get going. This post should be about an Intergalactic Drive Through.

J is for Jamie’s Dream. I like to write on occasions about this amazing world of ours, hoping that it will stay amazing. This post is about one of my character’s view of the world.

K is for my keyboard. Well, more precisely my typing. Well, more precisely my Inner Typist’s typing. Fingers is my Inner Typist’s name… he’s one of my many Inner Aspects who make an appearance every now and again in this blog. He thinks that he types exceptionally well, although, on occasions I have to disagree. I have a worn out backspace key to prove it as well. This post is an example of my Inner Typist’s typing prowess…

L is for laboratory. As well as an Inner Typist, I have an Inner Scientist who creates just as much havoc. He wasn’t mentioned in the post Twilight Blues, which caused me to get stuck in the bath, but he was starting to make an appearance back then.

M is for Me! Me! Me me me! The blog is about all of me, including all of my Inner Aspects, thoughts, ideas, ramblings, rhymes, stories, waffle, art, dreams, and… well, everything really. There isn’t a link in this category as you are already there!

N is for Nonsense. A lot of my posts are just that, nonsense, as they are meant to be an escape from reality. They are meant to be fun, good humoured, and easy reading. Nothing heavy here, unless it’s a heavy post. I do do those on occasion too… this post isn’t heavy, however. It’s about censorship. It’s still a popular stopping off point for weary internet searchers, although what they are searching for, and how they feel when they find this post is beyond me…

O is for Oh, how much longer…! Actually, no it isn’t! It’s about One Minute Rambles. Occasionally, I challenge myself to type away, on any subject for one minute, and then (after tidying up the post) post it as is. Here’s an example.

P is for parallel dimensions. I cross many of them, every day. Here’s the proof!

Q is for Quest. I’m drawn to the year 1642, and the early Seventeenth Century. I’m trying to find out as much information as I can about that period to find out why I find myself seeing images in my mind’s eye of the time, and why I’m so strongly drawn to back then. This link goes to my Quest: 1642 page, with links to all of the information I have discovered so far on my journey.

R is for Reg. My Vampire friend.

S is for Surreal Reality. More vampireness.

T is for Time Travel. They say it isn’t possible. I say it is. My Mansion does it to me all of the time. Here’s the account of the first time I travelled… includes a reference to my former online identity.

U is for the Universe. I love it. Here’s a recent post about a planet and a constellation.

V is for Views from the window. As well as taking me to the far flung future and distant past, my Mansion also takes me to various other places around the Universe. I simply need to look out of the window and capture the view. This is an example of one of those views. It could also be for Vampires, but I’ve mentioned them already.

W is for words. This post is now well over a thousand words long, sorry about that. On occasions, I need to create new words for my posts, as the ones that are currently there don’t quite cut the custard – or whatever that phrase is. Any words I create go into my dictionary.

X is for exercise. Please humour me, it’s late and I’m tired, and I wanted to share this post about the effects exercise has on me.

Y is for Your Blog. I have a links page with links to a lot of the blogs I follow, and more will be added soon… is your blog on the page?

Z is for Zombies. I have an Inner Zombie, where bits drop off left right and centre. Fingers, my Inner Typist, also feels like a zombie at the moment too… he is saying he needs to drop off and can’t type any more.

Luckily, we’ve reached the end of this super-sized post.

Fancy writing your own A-Z Challenge post? Visit Frank’s blog, by clicking the picture at the top of this post.

Thank you for reading. You may go now.

Or, wake up.


I forgot about that part earlier…

18 thoughts on “This Blog: An A to Z

  1. Thanks for mentioning my crazy post, Tom.

    I love your use of the alphabet. The Inner Zombie has long been my favorite. I did a sort of homage to an Inner Zombie on Google+ a couple of days ago, with a photo I took of myself.


    • Hmm, Tess… he or she may have been. These vampire cats have a tendency to multiply! Sorry about the dash though… there’s nothing worse than feeling that way. I know!


  2. I have not had the energy to wrap my brain around Frank’s challenge, but I think you nailed it, Tom. It certainly illustrates what your site is about from this follower’s POV. I might have suggested for ‘w’ that you mention Walpole, but Words works equally well … maybe even better for your new followers. Good job!


  3. Wow, Sir Aquatom that made my grey cells wake up… (just munching through my bran flakes… got a break from work and enjoying every second. 😉 ) … A-Z’s.. (and I stayed awake, honest injun) … I don’t know if I could take up the baton and see this challenge through, although I will visit Frank and take a look-see … an’ I know what you mean about keyboards, ( I sometimes wonder if it’s me… but I reconsider, ‘cos my fingers always HIT the right keys… I know it!!) … Good to see Vampire Cat , although he’s looking a bit fishy, (he’s not been round to Deb’s has he? 😉 ) xPenx


    • Ah, Lady Pen… it’s the keyboard. It has to be. Always.
      As for VC… he may well have been around at Debs. Tess said earlier she saw a familiar looking vampire cat, so I’m now starting to wonder.
      I also wonder if we’ll start to see any vampire fishes now…


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