Winnie watched the grey liquid ferociously boiling. Bright yellow flames licked the side of the cauldron, as if trying to reach over the sides and taste what was lurking inside. Occasionally, some of the liquid managed to escape over the side and instantly hiss into steam.

An arm appeared above the surface of the water.

A wooden handle bobbed around the perimeter of the pot, carried along by the contents and the bubbling water.

A leg appeared. Then another.

Winnie sighed, and pushed them back under.

She missed using her washing machine immensely. Power must be restored soon, she hoped.


  1. I enjoyed the ‘twist’ of the concise narrative. As an illustrator, I also really like the bubbly illustration that you chose to go with the story. Did you make it, or did you find it somewhere? If so, you selected wisely.


    1. Thanks, Gabriel, I like to at least try to put a twist in these 100 worders that I come up with!
      I’m not keen on the illustration myself, being honest… I was short of time and created that using my dodgy wireless mouse! I like the bubble effect, but the flames are shocking. I think I may have to redo it properly! But it’s something different, and I always like that!


  2. T is still at the head of his game. Very good Tom…But what if it had been real arms and legs though? Hmmmm….VK


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