The Gods and Goddesses gathered in the Great Hall on Mount Olympus, for their daily view on the affairs of the mortals who live on the Earth beneath them. They always enjoyed looking down on the ordinary folk, in case someone stood out with a special ability.

One day they noticed Gerald. Nothing to write home about looks wise, slightly podgy in fact, with a receding hairline, but he had a special ability. He was a writer, writing a tale about a group of Gods and Goddesses who were so caught up in the affairs of others, they’d forgotten themselves.

14 thoughts

  1. You really are good at this! Kind of makes me think of some of us who tend to look at others and forget all about ourselves too. Hmmm…food for thought 😉


    1. Thanks, again, Shree. That was what I was aiming for with this one, how we can, sometimes, do so much for others we don’t take time out for ourselves. Well, one of the aims anyway… 😀


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