Everything begins somewhere.
Light. Sound.
A dream life.

Starweaver’s life began as a dream, and continues as one.

He soars between the stars at great speeds, looking and learning. He’s looking for anything out of the ordinary. He found a planet, our planet, many years ago, and visits whenever he can.

He visits during the night, when his power is the strongest. He uses magic to get his message through to the planet’s inhabitants. Some take note of his message and act on it. Others class his message as just a dream, and quickly forget about it.

Starweaver doesn’t mind.

21 thoughts

  1. Good one! Sadly….for now I think I’m the one that forgets the dreams…but that’s fine..I’ll just take it that when Starweaver’s message is important to me, I’ll remember it 😉


    1. Quite possibly, LA… Starweaver says he has a message in all of the dreams… although, I’m having trouble finding the message in the dream I had that featured me rummaging through an old wardrobe full of old cheese sandwiches between the clothes…


  2. This is an interesting posting Sir Aquatom
    and thank you for adding it 🙂 Have a good
    Wednesday, hopefully without Internet probs 😦



    1. Thanks, Andro… I quite like Starweaver, so hopefully he’ll be back!
      I’m still having problems though, but it isn’t only me Prenin’s having the same problems, and Sue Dreamwalker said she had difficulties yesterday. Hopefully things will be sorted soon…


  3. That pic pulls you straight into Starweaver’s world 🙂 Be good to see more of him should he weave your thinking and inclination in that direction! Dreamlife is fascinating 🙂


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