The Dragonfly Geranium

I had another of my strange dreams last night. No flying, heights, water or open spaces, so this dream is a bit of a rarity. I was in my bedroom, years ago, when I was a lot younger.

I was seeing things from my perspective. What I mean is, I knew I was younger in the dream, but I was viewing everything through my eyes – I wasn’t watching what was going on like I would be watching a film… I was there, in the ‘thick of it’.

I didn’t know I was dreaming, so once again my Lucid Dream has evaded me. However, as is the case with dreams, everything was real.

I don’t remember the bedroom itself. I know that it was my bedroom, and I am guessing that it must have looked like it did when I lived there years ago, but I don’t remember what it looked like in my dream. That makes me wonder how I know that I was in my bedroom, but I just know it.

In the bedroom was a plant. It was of the Geranium family; and was called the Dragonfly Geranium. The leaves were a pale green, trimmed with red. I didn’t see any flower on the plant, but the plant only flowered once in it’s lifetime.

The plant had a unique way of reproducing. The leaves, when it was time to do so, would curl together and form a spout – narrow at the top and bulbous at the bottom, where it was in the plant pot (or where it would have been in the ground). The bulbous part would squeeze together, and force out of the top of the spout a small leaf. This leaf was the ‘dragonfly’, as it would fly on the air currents and look like a dragonfly as it did so. It would do this many times. And this was the part of the plant’s life that I was watching.Dragonfly and Geranium

Obviously, in the bedroom, there weren’t that many air currents, so the leaves just scattered all over the bed and onto the floor. These seedlings, in the wild, would then root and grow where they landed. In the bedroom, they had to be gathered up and manually potted.

Once the Dragonfly Geranium had sent it’s last seedlings into the world, the leaves changed colour to a very deep red, then they withered, and the plant died. But from this one plant, up to one hundred others came into existence.

Freud would have a field day with this dream, but I don’t think I was dreaming about sexual reproduction. The emphasis, from what I could see, was on the dragonflies… each one a new creation. Many of them coming from the one source. Not all of them would take root and grow, but some would.

Have I been dreaming of a new source of ideas? Maybe the dream was telling me to think back to when I was younger, and get some ideas from then. Or maybe it was just highlighting yet another way of looking at the cycles of life (I’m seeing quite a few things of late that remind me of that)

But why dream of a Dragonfly Geranium? And do they actually exist???

And I have just realised there was flight in my dream. Not me flying, but all of those little dragonflies. Maybe it is a message for me to allow some things to take flight. Hmmm. More questions…!

6 responses to “The Dragonfly Geranium”

  1. westwood avatar

    I spent a year after seeing Waking Life trying my darndest to lucid dream. It evaded me, but I think I’m glad. I control my life too much… it’s nice to have a place where I can let the adventure take me as it will with no consequences.


    1. Tom (Aquatom1968) avatar

      I started to have a Lucid Dream once, but felt frightened as soon as I realised I was dreaming and seem to remember it going back into a ‘normal’ dream. Sounds odd, I know, but that is the only way I can explain it.

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂


  2. summer breeze avatar
    summer breeze

    Dreams are so strange yet so real when we are in them, we wake wondering what that was all about and try to work out the meaning… I think ALL dreams have a meaning buried deep within the soul.
    Great post.
    Summer Breeze


    1. Tom (Aquatom1968) avatar

      Thanks, Summer. I have loads of ‘strange’ dreams. Sometimes I just think of them as a dream, and others, like this one, I tend to look a little deeper into them. And find more questions…


  3. penpusherpen avatar

    I want to believe they exist Sir Aquatom, a beautiful but disturbing dream. I hope it has an uplifting meaning, Uplifting…flight wise…. 🙂 xPenx


    1. Tom (Aquatom1968) avatar

      I know, Pen. A flight dream without me flying?
      I thought it was sad when the ‘adult’ flower died, but the baby ‘dragonflies’ were amazing to watch. They came out of the bundle of leaves, one by one, like a wisp of smoke (a bit like those automatic home smelly things, but alive!)


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