Twelve is a magic number, even with a dodgy mouse…


Reality is a funny old thing, really. Well, actually, it’s rather very serious when you look at it that way, but does it have to be?

I mean, I’m real. I’m hardly what would be the dictionary definition of serious. Yet I’m really serious at the same time. And, can you really have fun when you are being serious all of the time? I was going to look up the definition of serious in the dictionary, and then had second thoughts. I don’t want to take being serious too seriously. Seriously.

Time Management.

I manage my time very well at times. At other times, I have found that I have managed my time so well, I’m bored. And, at other times, I haven’t managed my time very well at all, and find that I don’t have time for time management. Perhaps if I incorporated my ‘bored time’ into my ‘no time’ I’d have more time to manage my time. Yeesh. I must have too much time on my hands to do all that! And imagine what I could have been doing in the time I spent sorting out how to better handle my time.

Wireless Mouses.

A wonderful invention if ever there was one. Or many, as the header to this paragraph infers. I don’t get to say ‘mouses’ very often, and although it is underlined with a red squiggly line every time I type it, it is a correct term (mice is OK too, but, hey, mouses). Anyway, mine isn’t working very well. If I need to click and highlight a line of text, it loses its grip, and cuts and pastes part of the highlighted text in a different part of what was originally highlighted. As an example, if I highlighted MIXED UP, the mouse would convert this to MUPIXED. It’s a handy way of creating new words, and was fun to start off with, but it has now lost its charm on me. Especially after the update I have just done to my ‘Blogs To See’ page.

Twelve Links.

I’ve updated my Blogs To See page with twelve more blogs that I have been intending to add since just before 1642. They have been stored in my favourites on my computer for ages, and I had the intention of adding them many Moons ago, but what with reality and time management I never got around to doing it. Today, I finally did. And later, I’ll visit the sites and hope they are still active. Oh, I’ve done that already and they are. See, I’m not serious all of the time… Hopefully, all of the links work, but with all the copying and pasting I was doing the links could be going anywhere but their required destination. I’m sure they won’t be, but I needed to add this part so that the ‘Wireless Mouses’ paragraph made more sense above. See: continuity.


Clever editing. Well, this applies to TV shows and movies and such, but do we have continuity in life? I’ve found myself thinking about my Clancy Farquhar tale, and how continuity has gone out of the window there. I mean everything follows on, but it stops and starts, it isn’t a continual process. And the same is of life. We don’t see everyone we know twenty four hours a day, yet we know what we know, what is going on in their lives, because we ‘fill in the blanks’ ourselves based on what they (and/or other people) tell us. Sometimes we get this wrong, and this is when our own editing isn’t very clever. Or we didn’t have the time to take on board all of the correct information. Or we took things far more seriously than we should have and made two and two make five. Or we had a dodgy mouse – or another excuse for getting things wrong. But, no matter how right or wrong we get things, they all contribute to our reality.

So, if we are always getting things wrong, does that mean our reality is wrong? No. Of course not. We are still making our reality though. And that is how reality can be funny and serious simultaneously. Don’t take things as seriously, and right or wrong, things will still be fun. Or serious, but we can handle them better.

Random Addendum.

This post was meant to highlight that I’ve added twelve blogs to my ‘Blogs To See’ page. Hopefully this didn’t get lost in the middle, but as I have wanted to say ‘Random Addendum’ for a very long time, this is an ideal place to write the reminder. And look… seven, seven, seven.




5 thoughts on “Twelve is a magic number, even with a dodgy mouse…

  1. Random Addendum, makes a humming sound when I say it out loud… Now look what you’ve done Sir Aquatom, I can’t stop saying it… Not quite a tongue twister, but mainly a lip and tongue act of continuity… 🙂
    My mouse isn’t wireless, it’s ball-less.. (no, not being rude and calling it names, now would I? ) …. apparently it’s almost as good as a wireless one, in the the lack of ball gives it less chance of sticking….um…anyway, Had it for ages and it has a little red light which comes on when I move it. (Little things please me a lot.. or so it seems )
    I’ve checked your twelve links, just to see if I was on them really, ready to cry and stamp my foot um.. feet, should I have been deleted for not owning a wireless mouse, not being good with reality and being lousy at time management. I think that just about covers all your conversation topics above, BUT for the sake of me, I could not SEE 7,7,7, anywhere… is it code? no, not cold,… C O D E .. 🙂 xPenx


    • I like saying random addendum out loud now too, Pen! 😀
      The 777 refers to the number of words in my post – I seem to be hitting that number quite a lot lately (well, I do when I mention the sevens…) but, there is a seven included in the title of this post … twelve iS a magic number, EVEN with a dodgy mouse… I know… randomly lame, but hey!


      • Oh, by the way, I wouldn’t have deleted your blog for you not having a dodgy mouse. Once on there, you’re there to stay. It’s a bit rude otherwise. (Unless you turn off your blog, that is, and then you’re gone!)


  2. Well said. I love the feeling of “random addendum” in my mouth! My mouse is like pen’s (not calling mine names either!) and keeps making me type somewhere else in the middle of a sentence…I wonder why?
    Seven, seven, seven – what a coincidink, it’s the number i’m researching! 😀


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