I’m hearing a lot of things that are making me think more than usual of late. I’m reading a lot of things that are making me think more than usual of late, too. And, I’m thinking a lot of things that are making me think more than usual… and that is saying something!

I can dwell on the tiniest aspect of nothing for a whole day if nothing else comes along to stop me. I love to think. I have a tendency to over-analyse things, to make mountains out of mole hills, to get things completely wrong and then solve the trickiest of problems, when I put my mind to it.

I’ve read an article today that touches slightly on reincarnation. I believe that we are reincarnated many times, and I briefly mentioned my theory on this in my post “Past Lives”, back on December 10th. (Coincidentally, on 11th December I first mentioned 1642 (going by memory…!) and look what that has done to me!). This article was about how we are reincarnated many many times, and the reasons for this are so we can learn everything. The more lifetimes we have, the more knowledge we ‘pick up’ until we have earned the right to move up to the next level of existence.

Coincidentally, I have read another article that says we choose our lifetimes, although when we are ‘alive’ we forget all about the other lifetimes, and our origin itself.

So, putting the two articles together, we choose each lifetime we experience, until we feel we have learned enough to then move up on high. What this means to me, is we can choose to stay in this existence for as long as we want to. We can move on whenever we want to… and we can come back whenever we want to as well. We have forever to take part in all these comings and goings, and we can choose how we feel when we are here!

Phew. Luckily in this lifetime, I have chosen to feel good.

As I mentioned earlier, I tend to think more deeply about certain things, and today, I was thinking about my level of knowledge, and then, my soul.

I’ve heard the phrase “He’s such an old soul” mentioned many a time, but I always took this on face value of the words – meaning someone literally was old, or older than their years. Today, I thought of it in a different way. The ‘old soul’ is the person who has been reincarnated lots of times, they have all of this ‘forgotten’ knowledge within them, and others recognise this when they use the ‘old soul’ term. I found myself thinking about where my soul would be, in the grand scheme of things.

Well, I’m not a natural singer or dancer, so there are two classic examples of ‘knowledge’ or experience excluded from my greater being. I like to think of myself as artistic, but when I see other peoples’ work, I’ll include that in the exclusion too. However I do try with what I do, so I am willing to learn. I’m also not keen on any sport whatsoever, so that excludes that experience from my repertoire as well.

I feel that anything that comes naturally to us must be something that we have learned and picked up from before. I read a story once about a woman who had been comatose for a while and woke up speaking fluent Spanish, although she had never been to Spain, and could never speak any other language before whatever had caused her to slip into the coma. How could this be possible? I’m not saying what I am thinking is the right answer, but it is an intriguing thought.

So, on to me. I feel I must be quite a young soul. I have a few birthmarks on my body – which I once heard were caused by battle-scars from a previous life – so that indicates I have been here before. However, due to my ‘lack of natural skills’ in certain areas, I have a lot of things still to learn.

I don’t think it matters if we are old or young souls. In each lifetime, we are here to experience whatever we can, and get the most out of the moment that we have, in the existence that we are aware of. If we bring something through from a previous existence, that’s great, but if we don’t, we have all the more things to learn. And learning is fun!

My thoughts today may have added two and two and got five, but they have felt good. And if learning different ways to feel good is my lesson in this lifetime, I’m happy. I can live with that. I can learn to sing next time around!

11 thoughts

      1. i’m thinking at some point the lot of us are going to have to sit down with some tea and really talk about this…i look forward to that.


  1. Questions, re-incarnation, pondering about this and that and the other…are you sure you’re not my long lost brother? NO? ok, just wondered… Following your thoughts on this made me think I was talking too, and isn’t it wonderful? I mean our thought processes and ability to get excited about life and it’s many forms, we could be born again, we could come by our own choice, we could mayhap be trying to get our ‘test’ right this time….(I hate to think I’ve failed for the ‘nth’ time!!) and the choices are endless… We quest , and without our quest,Sir Aquatom, it seems this life of ours has no meaning… Thoughtful and lovely read…. xPenx


    1. Pen, I like the freedom that our thoughts give us. Freedom to make mistakes and freedom to learn. And freedom to be excited too!
      Thank you for your comments! 🙂


  2. I like the idea that we might have a choice about such things, trouble is I think I’ll be stuck at this level for eternity, still, nothing wrong in that


    1. No, Trevor, nothing wrong with that at all! We wouldn’t be doing what we didn’t like for all of eternity, would we? I like the idea that we can choose. I doubt we’ll ever know for sure, but I like the idea…


  3. what if i gave you singing lessons? although i also have a lot to learn in the art, i am improving. at least i’m seeing progress…


    1. Hi Emily, singing lessons are a very good idea, although I think I’ll probably need more than time will actually allow…!

      If you are getting better then keep at it! You may be reactivating something that you learned sometime before!


  4. I’m boorrrrred… do you have any new thoughts today? I wanna read something.. plus your thoughts are strange and interesting!


    1. Strange? Interesting?

      OK. I see your point! Emily, I am always thinking about random and strange stuff… I’m pleased you have said interesting! Thanks for commenting!


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