Ordinarily odd?

I’ve been having a quick browse of the internet, and there seems to be a bit of a buzz going around about the Earth shifting. Apparently the magnetic north pole has shifted, causing problems at an airport in Florida, and it appears that the north pole is now likely to be located somewhere in Russia. But according to the people in the know, this type of shift is natural and normal. Well, it probably is, but when you look further into it, the location of the north pole on the map is some distance away from Russia, it is actually just above Greenland:

It may just be me, but that seems to be quite a big shift.

Added to that, the sun has risen in Greenland two days earlier than expected this year, which is being put down to global warming. They are saying the shift has nothing to do with this.

Another article I have read states that the UK is now not as windy as it used to be, which is beginning to cause a problem with the introduction of wind turbines to generate power. Maybe the UK isn’t as windy, but it was certainly windy in my little area of it today! Unless today’s wind was caused by the shift in the north pole, I would have to disagree with whoever has said that.

I haven’t read anything about any changes to the south pole, apart from one article that said the south pole has now vanished. I’m not one hundred per cent sure, but I somehow don’t think that is possible. Well, I’m also reading about the 2012 prophecies that says that the north and south poles are due to change places in 2012. This would not happen if there wasn’t a south pole. Having said that, the prophecies aren’t particularly positive, and if the poles do actually swap, there may be a few repercussions around the planet. If there is only one pole, the north pole (which by then will probably be in the east), there is nothing for it to change places with. Unless it shifts south, but it won’t as it doesn’t really move that far anyway, apparently.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens then. I’ll keep my eye on the wind.

I have heard a rumour that the Earth is not in the same place as it was 300 million years ago. This sounds like the post I recently made about the Big Bang. For one, the Earth rotates around the Sun, so it wouldn’t be in the same place anyway, and for two, the Sun (and the whole Solar System in fact) may be revolving around something else, so the Sun may not be in the same place either. And if the universe is expanding things will be moving anyway anyway. It is just one big moving swirly thing, the universe. But very dramatic with it!

One more point. The horoscopes have also moved. Or so people thought until recently, and then they realised they haven’t. Apparently, they had been moved back a month, and a thirteenth one had been inserted. I was still Pisces, in this new horoscope, but I was so close to being in Aquarius. And poor Scorpio had been shortened to seven days, to allow Ophiuchus to go into the Zodiac. This change, had nothing to do with the shift in the north pole, but a shift in the orientation of the Earth’s axis.

I think I look too deeply into things. There are all of these major shifts going on all over the place that are perfectly ordinary. The axis has moved, so does that mean that the magnetic north has moved with it? Because the Earth is tilting in a slightly different way, maybe the UK has now moved out of the slipstream for the wind that we are now missing. And for the shortest of moments, I could have been an Aquarian, but I wasn’t. I’m still Piscean. Still dreaming of good things, and still ordinarily odd.

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