Lion Spirit Guide?

I think I may have met my Animal Spirit Guide last night. Or one of them, anyway. I was dreaming, but the dream seemed different, more vivid. It actually started off very random and weird, and I haven’t had a random or weird dream for a while. It made no sense at all, imagine watching a series of clips from movies strung together without anything connecting them. I was then surrounded by a fog in the dream, and the fog started to part and a young lion cub walked towards me. I knew instantly that the cub was friendly and was there for me. And we could communicate with each other – but not by speech or thoughts, more by feelings. The lion allowed me to stroke him and tickle him, when he started to nibble on my left index finger. Not roughly, very gently in fact. Even though he was a cub, he was quite large, about the size of an average dog.

I’ve been quite busy today, but noticed that my left index finger was very itchy earlier this afternoon. The skin was loose and peeling away, and now there is a small mark in the very point where my finger was being nibbled by this lion cub, and it feels slightly tender. Now this may be another coincidence, but I’ve had the thought about the animal guide ever since I woke up this morning.

I’ve done my usual web-based research into animal spirit guides, and from the sites I have found have read that we do not choose our guides, but they choose us. We can’t say ‘I would love a dolphin as a guide’ because it doesn’t work that way. As in real life, the animal needs to choose us – they need to feel as comfortable with us as we do them. Once they are comfortable, they will make themselves known to us. One way a cat lets us know that they are comfortable with us is by biting, apparently… feline love bites!

Part of the wisdom of the lion is Brotherhood; Letting go of stress; Strong family ties; Strength; Courage; Energy and Self fulfillment.

We can have more than one guide, and they will always let us know they are there in their own time, and can stay with us throughout our life, or until we have realised the lesson they have came to teach us.

I have a very strong feeling that this lion is my guide. I have no name, but sometimes they don’t tell us their names. I wasn’t given any specific information apart from he was a friend. I got the feeling there was something or someone with him as he was being fed – he allowed me to see that – I know that I wasn’t feeding him. I also have a strong feeling he will be back, but I don’t know when.

I was debating whether to post about this, as it is a private connection, and spirit guides aren’t something you come across every day. I asked for my spirit guide to appear to me when I read a book about angels possibly two years ago, but I don’t think I have noticed anything until now. The reason why I have written about it is due to the fact it does feel so comfortable.

Since discovering the laws of the universe after hearing about Cosmic Ordering, my interest in my own spirituality has been heightened. Every now and then something will appear to me that ‘flicks a switch’ in my thought processes, and takes me both within and outside of myself. I honestly do not understand everything that I come across, and everything that happens to me, but I am willing to learn.

This may be another case of me looking too deeply into something, but my feelings are telling me otherwise.

I may never write again about my Lion Spirit Guide. I have written this as an acknowledgement to the lion, as proof that I am aware that he did visit me. I look forward to our next meeting, and the lesson(s) he has for me. And hopefully, he may allow me to write about him again. We’ll see…

10 Comments on “Lion Spirit Guide?

  1. very interesting post. i believe it is very important that we pay attention to our spirit guides and totems and to write about it is such a personal thing – thank you.

    i find it really interesting that the lion was a cub rather than a adult.

    i hope your spirit guide visits again.


  2. I think this is so cool – that you met your power animal. I haven’t met it yet, I will ask Universe to send it to me 😉 And Leo – that is promising….


    • It is interesting, Barbara. I’ve not ‘seen’ the lion since writing about him the other day, but have had the feeling that he is with me. I can’t describe the feeling when he is there, but he seems to be behind me, over my right shoulder. It feels as though I’m being watched but not in an uncomfortable way – and he isn’t there all of the time (or he’s not watching me anyway…). I suppose I don’t need to see him if we communicate through feelings though…

      And, do you know, I hadn’t even thought of the Leo connection.


  3. In the past two months I have had three or four dreams involving lions. One of them was similar to this. In this particular dream, he came as a cub. I ran to him, feeling that he was friendly.


    • Hi Kate, thanks for commenting. He hasn’t appeared to me since the dream, but I have had the feeling he (or something) is there. I don’t know if he is my animal guide but I’m not discounting it!

      I hope your dreams reveal more to you soon!


  4. I have been researching meditation and shamanic journeys….. I recently fell into trance during meditation asking to see my spirit guide/guardian angel/protector. I had almost given up when…. I too saw a lion. He was an adult and was beautiful…. all I could see was his face and main, before my awareness switched gears and I realized this was him…. I began trying to see more and broke my trance and came right out of my meditation. Bummer!! By doing more research, I came across Wicca as well and am learning what I can about how the Universe works beyond just the physical. Thank you for sharing your experience, it sounds so magical and lovely. What a blessing!!!! 🙂


    • Thank you for your comment, Moonlight. I feel it was a blessing indeed, but as yet I haven’t had another visit… although I still feel as though he is with me.

      Good luck with your research – I hope you find all of the answers you are looking for, and experience a few more surprises on the way too!


  5. I came here from your most recent post and I am amazed! I only hope I will be blessed by a visit from my spirit guide… fingers crossed! And a lion sounds like just the one for you, and I hope you learn his lesson well. And what a coincidence with the finger, hmm? 🙂


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