During December I wrote about the partial Solar Eclipse that was taking place today (January 4th 1643 – er – 2011). Apparently, 70% of the sun was covered by the moon this morning. Also during December I wrote about the unusual weather conditions that we had in these here parts.

Well, we had a slight sprinkling of snow again this morning. And due to the cloud cover I wasn’t able to see any of the eclipse.

To be honest, it was very early in the morning when the eclipse took place, at around sunrise, and although sunrise is later in the winter months than in summer, it can still be kind of dark at sunrise. So, at the time the sun was rising, I did notice that it was slightly dark. I couldn’t see the shape of the sun through the cloud, but there is the tiniest of chances that I did notice an effect of the eclipse by the amount of morning light. That will do for me. I still have a couple of Lunar Eclipses to look forward to, so maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to see one of those!

Also in December, on Christmas Eve in fact, my car developed a slight problem – the gear stick became wobbly. Not totally wobbly, but side-to-side wobbly. The immediate problem of no vehicle was sorted out (no fuss) and today I had the problem fixed. I sent a Cosmic Order asking for the repair work to cost no more than £100.00. I was very pleased with the £20.00 bill. And very grateful too!

On December 11th, I wrote about my feelings for the year 1642. My stats show me I had 642 visits to my blog in December, the most so far since I started my blog, so thank you for visiting. What is it with the number 642? Just another coincidence? I’m doing that deep thinking thing again…

But, something to think about. I recently wrote about working at Directory Enquiries, with my posh voice. The telephone number in those days for Directory Enquiries was 192. 192 multiplied by 643 is 123456. Just thought I’d mention it. Totally random, and not exactly connected, but close enough… it would be waaaay too freaky if it was spot on!


  1. i don’t know anything about numerology. but perhaps you should check it out?

    (a friend of mine was really into it and did some of my numbers for me – i’m all 7s and 9s. she was pretty freaked as she had never known someone with the same numbers over and over again. interesting stuff.)


    1. I probably posted my findings at the time, Raili.
      (Cop out answer, I know, but it was five years ago! I can’t remember last week at the moment! 😉 😀 )
      Although, I could do further research for a future post, I suppose. Hmmm…

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