I love the fact that everything is energy. I’m not a quantum physicist or anything like that, and I suppose that I could be being told utter twaddle by the people who are quantum physicists, but I feel that what they are saying is correct. No matter what is put under a very powerful microscope is revealed to be made up of atoms. And these atoms are energy.

I’ve never seen anything under such a microscope with my own eyes, but I have seen a hair magnified to such a level so that I could see tiny splits in the sides of the hair. So, if I can see this much detail on a hair, I believe that if I were to put it under an even more powerful microscope I would be able to see it at it’s atomic level.

These atoms may be different depending on what is being looked at, but going further into them will ultimately reveal that their energy is the same. So, whether I’m looking at a skin cell, a stone, water or air molecule, everything becomes the same. Source Energy. And so it is that this Source Energy connects us to the universe around us.

I believe that it is this connection that allows our cosmic orders to be delivered. I believe that it is this connection that brings coincidences into our lives. I believe that it is this connection that can make us feel more alive and in the moment. Some people say to bring peace to yourself, you must ‘be at one with your surroundings’. Well, at this sub-atomic level, we are all at one because we are all Source Energy. And I believe, that no matter what you try to do, this connection will never be broken.

Thoughts are energy. Sound is energy. Movement is energy. Temperature, electricity, love – all energy. Light – that’s energy too! We can feel the energy in the weather. We can feel the energy at different altitudes. We can feel the energy after an argument (regardless of whether we were witness to the argument or not). So in feeling the energy in situations such as these, we are connected to it on a physical level, as well as the quantum level. And just because we stop thinking, or the wind stops blowing, we haven’t broken the connection… we are still connected to the Source Energy because it was there at the beginning, during and after whatever else it was we were doing.

I own a clear quartz crystal pendulum, and every now and then I hold the pendulum over the palm of my left hand. I imagine the Source Energy cascading over and through my body, and filling my body and my surroundings with positive energy. I don’t have to think of this positivity very long, and the pendulum rotates very strongly over my hand. So strong in fact that I can feel it tugging away from my right hand. Sometimes, the circle it creates can be horizontal over my left palm as it spins so fast. I do not make the pendulum spin myself, as I really have no need to do that. The energy does it for me. I would recommend that if you want to connect with the energy at this level you obtain a crystal pendulum for yourself. In this case, seeing is believing. I am extremely grateful that I can feel the energy at this level.

And speaking of levels, Source Energy is of a high vibration, so it is easier to reach when in a relaxed, feel good state. It can be reached when we are feeling lower in the vibrational scale however it may not be as easy to tap into. The better we feel, the easier – and sometimes the stronger – the connection.

Again, it all comes down to energy.

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