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The weird post about nothing

This post is about nothing.

Well, it isn’t, if I’m honest. It’s about the something that we call ‘nothing’. And I wasn’t being economical with the truth when I said it was about nothing either… I was being truthful, because it is about nothing.

Whenever we say we are doing nothing is that really what we are doing? If we are doing anything, we must be doing something, so surely that must include ‘doing’ nothing. And if we aren’t physically doing anything, we are still being, we are still breathing, we are still seeing, hearing, smelling, thinking, feeling and living. That’s quite a long list for doing nothing.

If we are sitting waiting we are still doing something. If we class sitting waiting as doing nothing, then the same could be said for watching television, writing a message that no-one will see, imagining a better future, smiling at a glorious sunset, listening to laughter in another room, looking at the stars in the evening and watching rain fall against a window. We’re not doing anything apart from those things, are we? I think I spend the majority of my time doing nothing.

Look at an empty room. What’s in it? Nothing? Think again!

The room is full of empty space for starters. It’s full of oxygen. It’s full of unlimited possibilities of how the room can look once it isn’t empty. And, to think a little further outside the box, what makes the room? Is it the floor, the ceiling and the walls, or the space between them?

Look at the universe. The space between the stars and the planets, the meteors and the asteroids, the rockets and the debris… there’s nothing between all of them, is there? Space is a vacuum, there’s no air – but there has got to be something between them, otherwise they’d all be clumped together – something has got to be keeping them apart.

When you are doing a crossword puzzle, and you are trying to come up with an answer to one of the clues, but the answer is just eluding you, you are still thinking, although it appears nothing is coming to mind.

If you are in pitch darkness, so dark that you can not see anything, you are not seeing ‘nothing’ are you? You are seeing the darkness.

When you are listening to a radio which has been tuned out of the nearest radio station, you are hearing the static noises even though the radio is not receiving any clear signals.

There’s a lot more to nothing than first meets the eye… or maybe I’m just making something out of nothing…

Law of Attraction Books

Just a quick post today.

I have received my copy of ‘The Power’ by Rhonda Byrne today, and can’t wait to start reading it. Before I do, I thought I’d write a few lines about a few other books I have read regarding the Law of Attraction. Not exactly a review of the books, by any means, but I like them and feel that they deserve a few words from me at least!

I have read many books on the subject, and will probably write another post featuring some of the other books in the near future!

The first book I ever read on the Law of Attraction, well Cosmic Ordering actually, was ‘The Cosmic Ordering Service’ by Barbel Mohr. I’d been unconsciously Cosmic Ordering for many years, but this was the first time I’d actually read about it, and I found it to be a very fascinating read.

It’s strange how people are introduced to Cosmic Ordering and the Law of Attraction, with me it was a build-up of various coincidences that prompted me to by the book. Noel Edmunds was talking about it with Deal or No Deal; I read an article about it in one of the daily papers, and the book literally jumped off the shelf at me when I was browsing in a bookshop once.

I read the book very quickly indeed. I couldn’t put it down, and it is very easy to read. Barbel explains how to use Cosmic Ordering in a very matter of fact way, and I found the book to be fun to read!

The basis of Cosmic Ordering is one of the most simplest ideas: If you want something, ask the Cosmos for it. And it does work! Have a read of Barbel’s book to see how Barbel herself came across it.

The next book I’m writing about is ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. This goes into detail as to how we use the Law of Attraction in our everyday lives, and it is broken down into several topics including health, money, love etc. This is another book I couldn’t put down, and it also features quotes and comments from various ‘Secret Teachers’ from the movie of the same name. In fact, the book is very much like the movie, so I’d recommend both. The movie is ideal if you are short of time – it has an inspiring soundtrack, and short films to highlight the points being raised. The book provides more detail into the same areas, but they both work hand in hand with each other.

The third book provides more information on ‘The Law of Attraction’, and includes quite a few processes of improving our way of living by moving from the negative to the positive. It is written by Esther and Jerry Hicks, and includes the teachings of Abraham, who’s messages are channeled through Esther. Again the book is written in a very easy to follow format, and again gives inspiration to look at things more positively.

Don’t take my (brief) word for it though – have a look at one or all of the books if you haven’t already done so, I’m sure you’ll be glad that you did!

Hokay then… time for me to settle down for some new readin’!!! 🙂

It’s a Smallville World … part two!

Previously on my ‘It’s a Smallville World’ post, I wrote about some of the main characters to appear throughout the series. Obviously, there are far more characters than those I wrote about last time, so this time, I’m going to concentrate on the different heroes who have made an appearance and helped our hero, Clark Kent…

The first hero I’m writing about, is, if my memory serves me right, the first hero to meet Clark, Bart Allen, codename Impulse, played by Kyle Gallner. Super speed is what helps this character along, and in our first meeting Bart also helped himself to other people’s belongings too, including Jonathan Kent’s wallet when Bart saved him from an out of control truck. Still, I think he thought better of petty theft and became a good partner in the fight against those who didn’t have the best interest of other people in their minds.

Next on my list is Aquaman, AC short for Arthur Curry, played by Alan Ritchson. Clark didn’t seem particularly keen on this newcomer to start off with, but they soon joined forces and became good friends. AC helped Lois out after a little swimming accident where she hit her head whilst diving in Crater Lake. Clark came to AC’s help when he was snared by Lex Luther who was performing a top secret test which was causing the deaths of scores of aquatic creatures. Lois commented that she has met plenty of men intent on ruling the world, but never anyone intent on saving it. Although, obviously to us, she was wrong.

I’ve mentioned this hero before, but he must get another mention. Green Arrow, Oliver Queen, played by Justin Hartley. In later series, Oliver became a series regular, and was involved with quite a few stories where he needed to help Clark or Clark needed to help him. He is actually a good addition to the band of heroes being built up in Smallville, although he was given a run for his money by the appearance of Hawkman, Carter Hall, played by Michael Shanks.

Zatanna is the next hero on this list. The maid of magic, played by Serinda Swan. She caused a bit of confusion swapping Chloe’s life with Lois’s looks, and then causing Clark to forget all about his abilities. It was fun watching Erica Durance play Chloe’s character.

Zan and Jayna, the Wondertwins are next. Played by David Gallagher and Allison Scagliotti. These two have the ability to shapeshift into any form of water (Zan) and any animal (Jayna) by touching their hands and ‘activating’ their powers. Unfortunately, their existence came to the forefront after they were trying to help ‘The Blur’ (as Clark’s fast moving super alter ego has been named by Lois) and they caused more embarrassment than help. They eventually came good though.

And there’s more. But that’s for next time!

Sky Watching!

I’ve been looking to see if I can see any of the Perseids meteor shower tonight – I didn’t get chance to look out last night. And I was in luck! Within the first two seconds of looking out of my window a star streaked across the sky above me!

At first, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was at how quick it was before I saw one, but when I read briefly about them on line, there should be between 60 – 100 visible if there is hardly any light pollution, and up to ten in inner cities. Well, I’m not in a city, and the skies are clear tonight, so I’m guesstimating that I should see between 40 – 60 in an hour.

I’m really happy that I’ve seen the one that I have. I don’t really get much chance to see meteors, shooting stars or comets, or anything like that really, in real life. Yes, I’ve seen them on TV in documentaries and sci-fi shows, but not in the actual flesh, so to speak.

Many years ago, when I was little, I remember seeing a huge red ball fall from the sky. Bright red and very large. I was intrigued as to what it was, and one of my friends – who wasn’t with me when I saw it – saw it too, although he was in considerably more shock than I. I thought it was a meteor, but I don’t know. The size of it for one thing should have made a loud explosion when it landed, but we heard nothing. The speed was quick, but not as quick as a falling object of it’s size should have been – but that could have been my imagination. Whatever it was, it looked spectacular as it fell to earth with all of it’s fiery red glory.

Tonight’s shooting star was white. It didn’t have a tail, and like I said it shot across the sky. It was too quick for an aircraft, and from my perspective it was probably too high as well.

I’m going to watch the skies again now for the next half an hour or so, to see if I can see any more. I would love to see a whole collection of them travelling across the sky together, but I don’t know if I will. The site I was looking at said they appear in fits and starts, so I suppose anything is possible.

I’ve also got some wishes ready for when I see them. Well, I can’t miss such an amazing opportunity, can I?

The meteor shower is apparently visible until the end of August, so there are still several nights where they can be seen – cloud cover permitting.

But, back to tonight… let me find a shooting star to wish upon!

More about Cosmic Ordering

Think of the Cosmos as a giant universal catalogue – or ordering service – where you can request exactly what you want. Think of it as a huge Amazon, where you can look to see what things you would like to order, and then go ahead and do just that. The only difference between Amazon and the Cosmic Ordering Service is that you are always connected to the latter, whereas you have to go on line to get connected to the former. And you have to pay in cash for your orders from Amazon, whereas the orders from the universe don’t cost you a penny.

The things you order from the universe are always in stock, but you must be able to receive them whenever and wherever the universe delivers them. Don’t expect the universe to deliver them where you think they may be delivered (although in some cases they may well be). Don’t expect the universe to deliver them when you want them (although sometimes you may receive them well within the timelines you have set). And don’t expect the universe to deliver them without you having to do something (but in some cases you have to do nothing).

Have fun with your orders, and have fun with the universe. Enjoy how you begin to see signs from the universe that confirms your order has been received. Enjoy the feelings you experience when you receive what you have ordered. And always show appreciation to the universe – even if you have not yet received what you have requested.

The universe always works at the best possible time. What you have requested may seem good to you, but the universe may have better ideas before delivering your order, so you may see things that may not be quite what you have ordered. It may be that what you receive is really what you want, in which case thank the universe for delivering it. If it isn’t what you are after, again thank the universe for sending it to you, and ask if the original order can still be delivered. Always show gratitude – this is very important. The universe (well, everyone, really) loves the ‘attitude of gratitude’. And, as an added bonus, if what you receive isn’t what you have requested, you do not need to return it! If you have no need of it (if what you have ordered is a ‘thing’) pass it on to someone else who will benefit from it. You never know, this may be what the universe had in mind by sending this to you… the person you pass it to may have some important news for you, or may open an opportunity you never knew existed before.

You can’t go wrong with Cosmic Ordering. All you need is to have faith that what you have ordered will be delivered to you. The universe is abundant with whatever you can dream of – nothing is too much. The only limitation is you. Are you worthy of receiving what you have asked for? If you believe you are worthy, believe you will receive, and watch as the universe delivers your dreams to you.

Here’s an idea on what you can order:

Order: A new job (Rather than just requesting a new job, which is extremely vague, try to be really specific as to the type of job you want, the hours, the pay, the people, the customers, the location etc – the more specific you are, the universe will have more to work on for you. If you are willing to accept any old job, then just requesting a new job is fine. Just have fun!)

And here are some of the ways the universe may try to deliver the order:

A chance meeting with someone you haven’t seen for ages who advises you of a new job.

A visit to a different location will reveal a vacancy in a company close to where you live that is ideal for you.

A flyer is delivered with a newspaper – and the newspaper has an advertisement feature on the front page about the company in the flyer – and there is a vacancy for you.

You may meet someone who will point you in the best direction to go.

You may suddenly find yourself promoted if you are currently in work.

The different pathways are endless. Send a request and see which path you take!

There is no right way or wrong way to send a Cosmic Order – only your way. You can light a candle if you like, meditate if you like, order on a full moon if you like… how you order is entirely up to you. Believe that you will receive and you eventually will. One final word of warning though – don’t just sit around and wait for your order. Do other things. Live your life and enjoy yourself… you may find that what you have ordered may not really be what you wanted after all. But if you just sit and wait, well, you could find yourself waiting for a very long time.