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5th November

Before I go and ponder, a huge explosion outside of my window has just reminded me that tonight is Guy Fawkes Night, Bonfire Night. I don’t know how I could have forgotten, to be honest. How I remember the days back in 1605 when the Gunpowder Plot was thwarted by the discovery of Guy Fawkes guarding several barrels of gunpowder. He was part of a conspiracy to blow up the House of Lords, and due to the fact that the plot was thwarted he didn’t get to do it. For years I thought Guy Fawkes had discovered gunpowder, but eventually the missing pieces of the story filtered through. So, to reiterate, Guy Fawkes Night is not a celebration of his plot, but of his thwarting.

Looking out of the window, I can’t see anything different, but all around there are fireworks popping and sirens wailing, and although it is raining, some people will be nice and cosy around bonfires. Tomorrow morning will be misty. It usually is on November 6th.

Messages from the universe

I love receiving messages from the universe!

I class anything that stands out and stays in my mind as a message from the universe. Literally anything. A message I got from the Pisces Horoscope today was “Luck is a choice and not a lottery”. I must admit that I have never thought of luck being a choice. I consider myself lucky, but haven’t thought of myself as choosing my luck. I will do from now on though! In fact, I choose to be even luckier from now on – and I will enjoy it more too! A little embellishment here and there goes a long way, don’t you think?

A quick shuffle of my handy Oracle Cards has delivered the Truth card to me. “Be truthful with yourself”. I’ll now draw five cards:

The first card is Visualisation. “What you visualise can become a reality”. Being truthful with myself, I know that already. I have experienced it first-hand, and have seen the evidence. I also have a pretty good imagination, so I need to take some time to imagine some good things for me in the not too distant future.

The next card is Relationships. “The best relationship you will have is with yourself”. Being truthful with myself, I know that already. My relationships with some people could be better (and with some a LOT better). I would like to develop relationships with more people, and I would also like to maintain the good relationships I have already. In order to be able to do all that, I need to look at, and after, myself first. I’ll never create a new relationship if I’m always stressed, moaning, or feeling negative in any other way. However, I must also find new ways to pass on my good feelings to others, and help them to feel good too. Focus on the relationships I want, and allow the ones I don’t want to ease away. Well… I don’t want a relationship with anyone who ignores me now, do I?

The next card is ‘ME’ Time. “Spend time alone in a quite place”. Being truthful with myself, I think there’s a misprint on the card. It should say quiet place, but I’ll let that pass. I love spending time alone. I love my own company. Whilst I am in my quiet place, I will visualise that I am choosing to be lucky in meeting fascinating new people and getting to know better those I know already. I’ll spread my special kind of goodness all around everyone (being truthful that doesn’t sound right, but I’ll let that pass too… ) and see my relationships being far better than they have ever been before.

The next card is Balance. “It’s important to have balance in your life”. Being truthful with myself, I know that already. Burning the candle at both ends may seem to be a balance, but you tend to get burned in the middle. Me time and friends and family time = balance. Waking and sleeping = balance. Working and earning = balance (although less work and more earnings would be a better balance, if I’m being truthful!).

The fifth card is Career. “Time to look at a new career path”. Being truthful with myself, I know that already. I’ve been thinking of doing that for a looooong time, but haven’t done anything about it, apart from moan about my current situation. Which doesn’t really help my relationships, or provide a happy balance in my work and positivity area of my life. I’ll set some time aside for myself to work out exactly what I want to do here.

All six of these cards have been chosen at random, after shuffling the pack of cards, they were the top six, and Truth was on the top of the pile. I think that says a lot in itself. Looking at the order of the cards, ‘ME’ Time is in the middle, so I’ll read that as being me (coincidentally!). Immediately around me are Relationships and Balance, so that indicates something important needs to be done to get the relationships more balanced. And further around me are Visualisation and Career, which is clearly saying look into your career (clearly to me, anyway!).

Thank you universe. I shall go away and ponder those messages right now! 🙂

Quiet Days

I think I can honestly say that no two days are the same.

Even though I tend to do the same thing day in, day out, the difference between today and the previous days is remarkable. That’s probably why I’m remarking…

Most of today was spent in work. Had a what we’ve done – where we are – what we’re doing meeting this afternoon. We always do this one Thursday each month, and the meetings are always the same. The time passes quite quickly considering I sit there and say nothing. I do try to take in what the others are talking about but sometimes I get lost in the technospeak, and tend to nod. Not nod off – I hasten to add – although I have felt like doing that on a couple of occasions – but I pretend to listen and nod in agreement and thoughtfully. Once I’ve reached that stage though I’ve lost the plot completely and I usually find that it is in these moments I am asked a question.

‘Did they say my name then?’ I ask myself as I notice that the room has gone quiet and everyone is looking at me. ‘Good. Quick’ I say quietly and with a smile. Luckily, it was the correct response to whatever question I was asked by Thingie in the corner.

It’s at quiet times that you really begin to notice what you are thinking about. Well, I do anyway. I sometimes find myself reliving scenarios that have taken place earlier in the week. Not only re-living them, but also re-writing them in my mind. I think I re-lived yesterday’s meeting twice during today’s meeting. Maybe the question I was asked in today’s meeting was actually a memory from the earlier one and maybe my ‘Good. Quick’ answer was the wrong one. Maybe that’s why they didn’t say anything after. See… I’m doing it again now. Both of those meetings are over and I shouldn’t have any need to go through them again. Besides, the meeting next month will be here very soon, and I’ll have to go through that experience again then anyway! It’ll be the same, but different.

Outside of the meeting, work has also been the same but different. Ignored by some work colleagues and comforted by others. I try not to dwell on the ones who ignore me, but they seem to come to mind a little more clearer than those who have taken time to ask me how I’m doing. I think it is funny how a silent stare from one person can say much more than a few words from another. I remember walking through a door once and holding the door open for a colleague as she was walking through in the opposite direction. Being a quiet person myself, I smiled. She just looked at me for a brief second, looked away and walked through the open door. That’s the kind of silent stare that I’m referring too. Maybe they think I’m ignoring them when I smile at them… I don’t know for sure though, I’m not a mind reader!

I like quiet times. I can reflect on things of importance and trivial things at the same time. I can dwell on certain moments and imagine amazing outcomes for other situations. I can remove myself from everything that is going on around me, and gather myself, so I’m refreshed and ready for the next thing that comes along.

I think an important part of these quiet times though, is to try and notice the good things more clearer than the not so good. Being ignored by someone should not even really register. They have either ignored me on purpose (which is their choice) or they have not even realised that they have ignored me. Maybe they are having a quiet moment too, and thought they had said something as they passed Whoozits who held the door for them… well, I can pretend their minds work like mine, can’t I? I shouldn’t think that I’m the only one to have a quiet day though.

Noticing the good highlights the good. The more we see, the more we see. Like attracts like. Thinking that way gives me more good things to think about when I’m having a quiet day. I do like to feel good after all!

Interpreting Reality

Ever since I watched the “What the Bleep?” movie the other day, my mind has been working overtime on how I see things in the world. I think this was the intention of the movie, to make us see things from a different perspective, and although the movie only starts to touch the surface, my mind has been filling in the blanks ever since. In my mind’s way, that is! To be honest, my mind has always been doing this, but it seems to have really moved up a gear over the past few days!

I had a dream last night that featured lots of different people. Some I knew, but the majority I didn’t. At one point in the dream, I was at a crossroads on a country lane. The car wasn’t mine in the dream, but I think I must have been driving it. I was pushing it in the dream. It was an orange car, but I don’t remember the model. I don’t even remember being in the car at any point… Along this country lane, there were groups of people standing around. Each person was looking upwards at something, and not moving. I couldn’t see what they were looking at, but they were all around me, and they were all looking up. And nobody was speaking.

Even though the people were not moving, whenever I looked at them, they were closer to me, but still looking up – they never took their attention from what they were looking at. As I was pushing the car, I was moving very slowly, and had to keep looking around me at all of the people, which was a strange number of people to be together in the countryside as well. I’d managed to get the car to the other side of the crossroads, and the people were all around me.

The next thing I remember is being in a living room, with different people.

The strange thing is the fact that the dream felt very real indeed. The car was heavy. The car was a vivid orange colour, and it really stood out against the greenery that was on each side of the country lane. The crossroads was over-sized for the location. The people were frightening in the way they weren’t but were moving. The confusion was very clear when I was in the living room. But as it was a dream, it wasn’t real. I remember it as though it was real though…

For a long time, I’ve always had a theory (if you can call it that) of the world beyond what I can physically see. If I’m in a room, my reality is just in that room, just me, the walls, floor, ceiling, and whatever else is in the room. The rest of the world is outside, and beyond what I can see. I ‘see’ the rest of the world as being in some kind of ether, the same place as where my thoughts, and dreams, come from. The places I visit and the people I see come out of the ether when I go to them. News stories come into my life when I am in the presence of a TV or radio, for example. Money in the bank is just a thought in this ether too, until I actually hold the money in my hand, when it is in my presence.

If I visit a new place, somewhere I have never been to before, with family and friends, the reality changes around me so that I experience something completely different. Are the people who are with me actually seeing what I am seeing? If I take a photo of the place, the image in the photo is the same of the place itself, but are others seeing what I am seeing, or are they looking at a different image? I’ll never know the answer to this, because I can’t see the world through another persons eyes. They can describe to me what they are seeing, which will fit in with what I am seeing, but are they seeing the same parts they are not describing?

This is why I find it so easy to believe in the power of the Law of Attraction and Cosmic Ordering. As I am creating my reality all of the time anyway, I can create it exactly as I want it. The only thing here is I need to have even more faith in my ability, and I will then be able to bring more things to me that I feel will please me, rather than things that I think I don’t want.

Before you think I’ve tapped into some kind of crazy parallel universe and stayed there, I don’t always think like this. Most of the time, my thoughts are less deep and more superficial. Sometimes I think that things are as they are just because they are, and don’t go any further than that.

Happy Halloween!

Yes! It’s here! One of my favourite days of the year! Nothing to fear! Halloween is here!

Sorry about that. I don’t know what came over me… I do like Halloween for some reason. Years ago, it was something of nothing, but today it seems to have gathered a bit of an air of importance around it. For the past few years, we have been treated to live editions of Most Haunted on TV, where the team would go in search of ghosts and other spirits, erm, live, but it isn’t on this year. A new series called simply “Paranormal Investigation: Live” appears to have replaced it. New teams with new methods for trying to capture evidence that ghosts actually exist.

I don’t need to watch TV to know that, though. My ghostly visitor has been a little quiet of late, but I’m sure I have heard her in the night, letting me know she is around.  She has started to move papers around now. In the stillness of the night, I’ll hear one piece of paper slip from where it was lying. I don’t mind admitting it does startle me a little. Well, you don’t really expect any kind of movement when you are settling down to sleep, do you?

I don’t know if she will visit me today, though. I’ve heard that they aren’t particularly keen on our Halloween celebrations, and tend to stay away on this day.  I could be wrong though. I don’t mind it when she visits. I wonder if she’ll write her name on one of the pieces of paper that she moves next time she pops in… That will be cool. I can start to find out more about her then!

As well as my ghost, I’ve written a few posts over the past few weeks featuring a few other Halloween favourites, all to pass the time in anticipation for today… witches, vampires, werewolves and demons have all been mentioned. They’ll probably be mentioned again in the future, after all, there will be another Halloween next year! And I think monsters and aliens may be mentioned too. And why not?

Another thing to mention with it being Halloween and all, my banner will start to look slightly less cluttered again from tomorrow. I can’t leave it decorated for Halloween all the time, can I? Here’s how it was meant to look… the black cat seems to have disappeared from the banner when I added it. Spooky.

Whatever you are doing today, however you are spending Halloween, enjoy it! Have a great day!!!