England’s Earthquakes

We’ve experienced a couple of earthquakes over the last few weeks, one a couple of days ago in Yorkshire, and another last month in Cumbria. I didn’t feel the earth move with these most recent ones, and, for that matter, I’ve not really noticed any of the others that have affected us for some time.

However, on 27th February 2008, there was an earthquake in Lincolnshire which I did feel. I had just settled down in bed, on my side, ready to go to sleep when I noticed a faint rumbling noise. I then noticed that I was rocking very slightly from side to side – I say slightly, but a lot quicker than if I was rocking myself. I instantly knew it was an earthquake. Rather than rocking, I think rippling would be a better way to describe the feeling. After I had regained my senses, I shot up out of bed, dashed to my TV, and switched on BBC News, who were reporting the earthquake in one of their ‘Breaking News’ pieces. I then logged onto the internet, and registered with the USGS site that I had felt it.

Back in 2002 I wasn’t as ‘lucky’ (if feeling an earthquake could be described as lucky…). 21st October 2002 and for a few days after that, a series of earthquakes struck the Manchester area. Over a hundred earthquakes struck the city and surrounding areas. I live just up the road from there, and didn’t feel a one…! The Manchester sequence is known as a swarm, earthquakes clustered in time and space without a clear distinction of main quakes and aftershocks, which occur quite frequently, apparently.

Earthquakes also occur frequently in England and the rest of the UK, but we are very lucky compared to the magnitude of some of the quakes that affect other countries.

I always think of the quake that I felt in 2008, which only lasted about ten seconds, and the rippling effect of it, and just how much damage could be done by something being shaken that rigorously if the quake was stronger and longer. Those ten seconds seemed a lot longer to me at the time, so for those affected by a strong earthquake they must feel as though time has stopped. I suppose that is one reason why I should feel lucky I live where I do.

The strongest earthquake ever felt in the UK was in 1931; it measured 6.1 on the Richter Scale and was felt throughout the land, and also in France and Belgium. Its epicentre was in Dogger Bank, out to sea off the North East Coast. For some reason, I didn’t feel this one either.

We are not prepared for the weather. Are we prepared for earthquakes, considering their frequency? I’m sorry to say that I don’t think so… let’s not wait and see in this case…

Back to work

Yep! After the Christmas and New Year break, I’m back in work.

To be honest, the ‘break’ was actually two little breaks. From Christmas Eve until the Wednesday after Christmas, and from New Year’s Eve until today. I suppose I should really describe it as two long weekends rather than a break, as I was in work between the two weekends.

Not that you could call it work. I had nothing to do for the days in between, and nothing to do today either. I’ll have to see if tomorrow and Friday will be the same, but I have a feeling it will be. Still, I have a meeting to look forward to tomorrow… It all passes the time however, and before I know it, I’ll be enjoying the weekend again.

Doing nothing in work has given me an ideal opportunity to think about what I want to do. I very often find myself thinking this, but usually when I am feeling flustered or bored, so I am not in the correct mindset to generate the correct feelings within me to see myself having, being or doing what I want.

Although I didn’t feel flustered or bored today, and I realised I had the ideal opportunity to visualise my future, I didn’t use the time. I didn’t take the chance I was given to see myself in my new job, or driving my new car, or sailing on my luxury yacht, or writing my next best selling novel. I failed to set the wheels in motion for some of the great things that I feel I want to have to come to me. I also didn’t envisage an easy journey home when I finished work tonight, and ended up being caught in the tail-end of accident traffic. As soon as I had got to the place where the accident had occurred, the area was clear. Although the roads were still busy.

Waiting in the traffic queue was another wasted opportunity. I didn’t use this time wisely either. So, I have had ample time today to begin to plan at least one thing that I want in my life. No need to go overboard – one thing to change is not too much to ask. I could have decided what I needed to do, where I needed to go, how much I needed to spend (or save) – but I didn’t do anything. I really need to start acting on some of the things I write about in this blog, otherwise I’ll still be writing about my dreams in ten year’s time, rather than living them.

To be honest, I want to be writing about living at least three of my dreams in one year’s time. So, my task is set. I must first be specific about what I want. I need to look at my dreams, and choose three which are achievable within a year. I need to go back to work – on myself – and look at ways how I can get myself closer to my dream. Look at what I need and see myself getting the help, the money, the time, the inspiration, the energy, the focus, the health, the rest, the coincidences and whatever else I need to get there. It can be done. I can do it.

So, what do I want? I’ll start work on that right now. There’s no time like the present!

During December…

During December I wrote about the partial Solar Eclipse that was taking place today (January 4th 1643 – er – 2011). Apparently, 70% of the sun was covered by the moon this morning. Also during December I wrote about the unusual weather conditions that we had in these here parts.

Well, we had a slight sprinkling of snow again this morning. And due to the cloud cover I wasn’t able to see any of the eclipse.

To be honest, it was very early in the morning when the eclipse took place, at around sunrise, and although sunrise is later in the winter months than in summer, it can still be kind of dark at sunrise. So, at the time the sun was rising, I did notice that it was slightly dark. I couldn’t see the shape of the sun through the cloud, but there is the tiniest of chances that I did notice an effect of the eclipse by the amount of morning light. That will do for me. I still have a couple of Lunar Eclipses to look forward to, so maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to see one of those!

Also in December, on Christmas Eve in fact, my car developed a slight problem – the gear stick became wobbly. Not totally wobbly, but side-to-side wobbly. The immediate problem of no vehicle was sorted out (no fuss) and today I had the problem fixed. I sent a Cosmic Order asking for the repair work to cost no more than £100.00. I was very pleased with the £20.00 bill. And very grateful too!

On December 11th, I wrote about my feelings for the year 1642. My stats show me I had 642 visits to my blog in December, the most so far since I started my blog, so thank you for visiting. What is it with the number 642? Just another coincidence? I’m doing that deep thinking thing again…

But, something to think about. I recently wrote about working at Directory Enquiries, with my posh voice. The telephone number in those days for Directory Enquiries was 192. 192 multiplied by 643 is 123456. Just thought I’d mention it. Totally random, and not exactly connected, but close enough… it would be waaaay too freaky if it was spot on!

Lion Spirit Guide?

I think I may have met my Animal Spirit Guide last night. Or one of them, anyway. I was dreaming, but the dream seemed different, more vivid. It actually started off very random and weird, and I haven’t had a random or weird dream for a while. It made no sense at all, imagine watching a series of clips from movies strung together without anything connecting them. I was then surrounded by a fog in the dream, and the fog started to part and a young lion cub walked towards me. I knew instantly that the cub was friendly and was there for me. And we could communicate with each other – but not by speech or thoughts, more by feelings. The lion allowed me to stroke him and tickle him, when he started to nibble on my left index finger. Not roughly, very gently in fact. Even though he was a cub, he was quite large, about the size of an average dog.

I’ve been quite busy today, but noticed that my left index finger was very itchy earlier this afternoon. The skin was loose and peeling away, and now there is a small mark in the very point where my finger was being nibbled by this lion cub, and it feels slightly tender. Now this may be another coincidence, but I’ve had the thought about the animal guide ever since I woke up this morning.

I’ve done my usual web-based research into animal spirit guides, and from the sites I have found have read that we do not choose our guides, but they choose us. We can’t say ‘I would love a dolphin as a guide’ because it doesn’t work that way. As in real life, the animal needs to choose us – they need to feel as comfortable with us as we do them. Once they are comfortable, they will make themselves known to us. One way a cat lets us know that they are comfortable with us is by biting, apparently… feline love bites!

Part of the wisdom of the lion is Brotherhood; Letting go of stress; Strong family ties; Strength; Courage; Energy and Self fulfillment.

We can have more than one guide, and they will always let us know they are there in their own time, and can stay with us throughout our life, or until we have realised the lesson they have came to teach us.

I have a very strong feeling that this lion is my guide. I have no name, but sometimes they don’t tell us their names. I wasn’t given any specific information apart from he was a friend. I got the feeling there was something or someone with him as he was being fed – he allowed me to see that – I know that I wasn’t feeding him. I also have a strong feeling he will be back, but I don’t know when.

I was debating whether to post about this, as it is a private connection, and spirit guides aren’t something you come across every day. I asked for my spirit guide to appear to me when I read a book about angels possibly two years ago, but I don’t think I have noticed anything until now. The reason why I have written about it is due to the fact it does feel so comfortable.

Since discovering the laws of the universe after hearing about Cosmic Ordering, my interest in my own spirituality has been heightened. Every now and then something will appear to me that ‘flicks a switch’ in my thought processes, and takes me both within and outside of myself. I honestly do not understand everything that I come across, and everything that happens to me, but I am willing to learn.

This may be another case of me looking too deeply into something, but my feelings are telling me otherwise.

I may never write again about my Lion Spirit Guide. I have written this as an acknowledgement to the lion, as proof that I am aware that he did visit me. I look forward to our next meeting, and the lesson(s) he has for me. And hopefully, he may allow me to write about him again. We’ll see…

Curious catchphrases

I’ve found myself thinking today. Possibly thinking too deeply.  Thinking about those random catchphrases we tend to use in everyday conversation that we know instantly what we are referring to, but the phrase itself is so far from what we are describing they actually make little or no sense at all.

For example, “He swims like a fish” we take to mean ‘he swims really good’. OK, this does make a little sense until you realise that it is completely wrong. He swims like a man swimming really well is what we should be saying, but that sounds worse. And there is no way he could swim like a fish as he isn’t a fish! I don’t swim like a fish but I swim. Maybe the phrase swimming like a fish should be used to those with graceful aquatic athletic abilities, and for people who swim like me the phrase should be “He swims like something floating in the water” But then, maybe not…

Another example is “Cool as a cucumber”. I’ve used this phrase before in one of my posts, but what does it actually mean? Cucumbers are cool straight from the fridge, but they aren’t as cool after they have been left out for a while. No, I’m only joking. Of course I know that the ‘cool’ in this case refers to ‘chill man’ rather than ‘brrr’, but still? How many cucumbers have you seen that have relaxed you? And why not use carrot or courgette? Because they don’t sound right, that’s why. So why does cucumber?

A third example is “Many a little makes a mickle”. Alright, you’ve caught me out. I’ve only just heard this one, but I like it! It means many small amounts accumulate to make a large amount, with a mickle being an old English word meaning ‘much’. To think of it in a slightly different way, everything builds up the bigger picture; whatever we have builds to the abundance we have in our lives. Is it better to have a little of a lot of things or a lot of one thing? I’d go for variety every time!

That’s the problem with thinking too deeply about things. It is very easy to fit things together, but not always easy to get things right. Which is probably why we very often make mountains out of molehills rather than just going with the flow. And going with the flow is so much easier… have you ever tried to make a mountain out of a molehill?

Catchphrases… enough already!