Dream of freedom

Last night I flew.

Well, I was actually swimming in the air – doing the breast-stroke – but I was flying.

I wasn’t actually meant to go flying, I was meant to go swimming, but there was hardly any free space in the pool. It was full. I mean, literally full to the point where people couldn’t even move. There was only a tiny amount of water visible, it was that full. OK, it wasn’t that full, but there was no way I was going to get in a full length without having to swim the equivalent of eight lengths to get around all of the people.

But I needed to swim. I needed to feel the muscles in my arms, legs, stomach and back working. I needed to feel that I was getting the exercise that I had gone there to get.

I decided that I would pretend I was swimming in the water. I would swim above the pool, but keeping in mind that I was swimming in the water.

And it worked.

I managed to swim a full length without even getting wet. For some reason, the people in the pool didn’t see me swimming above them. I don’t think any of them would have even thought about looking up. If they had, they would have been surprised. I know this for a fact, because I was surprised.

I don’t know why I felt surprised, because I have flown before – hasn’t everyone? But I was surprised that I had managed to do what I thought I was able to.

I flew… swam a few more lengths this way, and then had to go and get changed. Even though I wasn’t in the water, I was still wearing my swimming shorts. I think if people had looked up this sight would have probably made them look down again – and very quickly. But, I was there to get exercise and tone up my body, so they could have thought what they wanted! I was doing that for me!

Shortly after getting changed, I found myself on a very high bridge. It was a motorway bridge, and the traffic was moving steadily in both directions beneath me.

I now knew that I could fly, but wanted to test myself. I looked down at the road below, and thought it was a bit too dangerous to have a go there. I walked to the side of the bridge, which was over a grass verge. I was thinking that if I didn’t take off, I would land on the verge… better than landing on or under a car.

I brought my hands together in front of my chest, and them pulled them apart, as if I was doing the breast-stroke in the pool. I leant forward, and started to kick my legs in the frog-like motion you do when swimming. And I took to the skies.

I flew higher and higher. All around me was clear, and I could see for miles. I had moved away from the motorway and was now flying over the town. I recognised one of my friends down below – I think the flying had given me super-vision as well – and I flew in to say ‘hello’.

She was startled at first, and then casually asked, “How long have you known that you have been able to fly?”

It was this question that was the clearest of the whole dream. Not the swimming, or the people, or the sensation of flying, or the apprehension over the bridge… but this one question.

How long have I known that I have been able to fly?

Dreams are just dreams, some would say. Dreams are our minds sorting things out, others would say. But sometimes, dreams can be giving us a message that we need to hear.

I know that I can’t fly in the physical domain. I wouldn’t even attempt to have a go (in a pool or over a bridge!) but in my dream everything felt absolutely natural. I knew that I could do it, even though I hadn’t done it before.

OK, I have dreamt of flying before, but in last night’s dream I had never flown before. I’ve put this down to the many parallel dimensions that there are in the dream universe… I’d visited a new one.

The question has got me thinking about all of the other things that I think that I can’t do, just because I haven’t done them before. The things that I could be soaring high with, be extremely successful with, if I just gave myself a chance.

This part of the message is the part that allows me the freedom I need to be able to ‘give it a go’, at the very least.

I just now need to know what the ‘it’ is, and I can start.

I love dreams, I really do. I always feel good after the dreams that I remember vividly, and I love to feel good. Sometimes, though, I would like to dream a full answer, rather than a thoughtful question. But then, I wouldn’t have the fun of experiencing the being, doing or having what it is that I am meant to.

I’ve had a dream of freedom. Where I go… watch this space!

The Ley Line interchange below Aquatom Mansion

This place of mine is a little bit of a mystery, I must admit.

There is an energy source running underneath it, underneath the whole area in fact, but it is difficult to say what it actually is. Very often there is a power cut. We are plunged into darkness without any warning, and without power and light there isn’t really a lot that can be done.

Although, that isn’t entirely true. Centuries ago, before power was even thought of, the people who lived in those times would have handled the lack of power in their stride. They wouldn’t have missed their regular TV show, and instead would have probably had banquets fit for a king, with jesters providing merriment and entertainment; home made music and singing would be accompanied by general chatter; all lit by a roaring fire – or those torches you see on castle walls in medieval films.

For those who didn’t have the banquets, or weren’t invited, they would have probably had as much fun eating wild boar with root vegetables and drinking mead or dandelion tea, or something equally as old. I have a feeling these dark times, in these dark ages, were when everyone got together to talk, or grunt, over their day’s activities. Their discussions might have become a little ‘heated’ at times, but they passed the time until the light returned – or sleep set in, whichever was earlier. Well, some of them must have worked the night shift… there was still washing up to be done.

I went slightly off track there… I told you there’s an energy around here. I’ve mentioned a couple of times about my ghostly visitor who likes to switch on my music system, whenever she has replenished enough of her own power to do so. The energy that runs beneath us is not the same energy provided by Dot (my ghostly friend), I have a feeling it is older. Possibly as old as the Earth itself. Ooh… Dramatic pause.

This old energy, and I could be completely wrong here, is what I think may be in a Ley Line. The Ley Line is a way for the energy to be channelled to various other points around the area / country / world. It goes to where it is needed, does what it needs to do, and then goes back to where it originated from. How it knows to move, where it needs to go, and what it should do when it gets there is another mystery, and one I’ll think about looking into at a future time. Possibly after Dot has given me further information about the energies concerned. These Ley Lines criss cross each other every so often, and these intersections may have a surge in energy, especially if two bursts of energy meet at the junction at the same time. Now, energy has no end and no beginning, it is just energy, so when these two bursts meet they just merge, and then un-merge, and then carry on to their destination, so no fear of unwanted explosions or anything like that. Which, is a good thing, as I think Aquatom Mansion is built above one of these interchanges. It is also built on the site of an old school, but the interchange was there before the school… unless the school was there at the beginning of time. What has made me think about all of this is that I have bought several video recorders in the past that simply stopped working. They would power up and down, eject the video, take in the video, but they would not play the video. If it was one machine, I would have put it down to the particular model or the age. But it has happened to four different models. Four completely different machines, all developed the same problem. I moved into modern times when I bought my first DVD player, which after so many months wouldn’t play any DVD. It would eject and take it in, it would respond to the remote control, but it would not play. Coincidence? I do have a lot of them, but there is something else going on here. 

So, back to the power cuts. No explanation for them. Nowhere else in the town is affected by them. They usually occur at night, when it is dark. I think for dramatic effect – well, they’re not really going to be noticed in the daylight as much, are they? Although, I have experienced them in the daytime too, so they aren’t that choosy.

I’m prepared now. I have lots of candles ready. I have a list of things for me to look at and think about (written in large and bold letters so they can be seen in the flickering light of the candles!), and can allow the energy to flow through me and provide me with any answers, or more likely, more questions for me to look into. Well, with energy that is as old as time itself, it must have picked up some snippets of information that it wants to share.

And I love to learn new things!

Seeing the world differently

I’m in the middle of a personal quest to find any and all facts that I can regarding the year 1642. The surrounding years will probably start to feature as soon as I have enough information about 1642, but 1642 seems to be a starting point. The reason for my quest: a dream. Well, many dreams, actually. I have always dreamt of an old galleon, and in one of these dreams the year 1642 was mentioned. Not only was the year mentioned, but, bizarrely, I had the ‘feeling’ that it was 1642 as well. All very strange, but this ‘feeling’ has stayed with me, as though I have a connection with 1642. Hence, my quest. I want to know why I have this connection to this year in particular.

So far on my journey, I have discovered that Galileo died in this year, and Isaac Newton as born. The First English Civil War began. New Zealand and Tasmania were discovered by Abel Janszoon Tasman. Marie de Médicis, Queen Consort of France, also died this year, and her grandson, King Louis XIV granted Blaise Pascal a Royal Privilege in 1649, after Blaise had invented a mechanical calculating machine in 1642 (this machine was the earliest stage on the microprocessor, used in computers today).

I’ve written about all of this before. That was just a recap! A year is quite a long time, and it is quite likely that a lot of people from that time would have crossed paths, especially those in the ‘public eye’, in royalty, the sciences, literature, or conflicts and discoveries.

It stands to reason that some of them would have met, had a cup of tea, and talked tactics, or presented their latest hypothesis or mechanical creation, or simply passed each other whilst walking down a road totally unaware as to who the other person was. I’m sure I will find out about such meetings during my quest.

I’ve written about 1642 in the sense that it was the definite year, but in a time of many calendars, dates may become slightly vague. Some events may have more links with 1641 or 1643, but they all relate to that time, so they are as accurate as I can see them.

I’ve stumbled upon another strange ‘coincidental’ fact (if you can have a coincidence that is separated by hundreds of years!). When I first started this blog, I mentioned that Iceland is a place where I have always wanted to visit. It, like 1642, has some kind of ‘draw’ on me. In 1642 a Lutheran Bishop in Iceland, Brynjólfur Sveinsson, came in to possession of the Codex Regius, which is a manuscript that contains the Poetic Edda, the oral literature of Iceland and ancient Norse pagan beliefs from centuries earlier. Brynjólfur gave the Codex as a gift to King Frederick III of Denmark in 1662, where it was kept in the Royal Library of Copenhagen until being returned to Iceland in the early 1970s. Incidentally, the Rundetårn (or Round Tower) in Copenhagen, was completed in 1642. The Rundetårn was used as an astronomical observatory, but was the first purpose-built facility of the Copenhagen University Library. From what I have been able to find out so far, this library is different to the Royal Library, but the library and 1642 links are there, so they are both part of my journey…

I’ve also read that in 1642, Dutch mathematician Christiaan Huygens discovered the Martian southern ice cap. What I have found fascinating about Christiaan is that he invented the pendulum clock, which he patented in 1657. In the same year, he published his first book on probability theory, after being encouraged to do so by none other than Blaise Pascal.

See… things are starting to tie together. Still no idea why I’m finding all of this out, but 1642 seems to be some kind of connection point for space, time, knowledge and discovery.

In other parts of the world, Persia’s Shah Safi I died at the age of 26 in 1642, after a 13-year reign. He was succeeded by his son, who was ten years old, and was known as Shah Abbas II, the seventh Shah of the Safavid Dynasty. This may be useful information for the future… we’ll see.

In Tibet in 1642, the fifth Dalai Lama took over control from the previous Tsang rulers, and ruled Tibet until 1959.

And in China in 1642, hundreds of thousands of people were killed in Kaifeng, which was flooded during a siege by the Ming Dynasty. The flood is in the history books as one of the top ten deadliest natural disasters. Kaifeng was one of Seven Ancient Capitals of China, but was deserted after the flood.

And, in yet another random coincidence, I mis-typed Kai fang into Google to discover that this means ‘Opening Up’.

I don’t mind admitting that I am fascinated by what I am finding out about this year. I may still have no clue as to why I have such a strong interest in it, but I am certainly opening up to whatever information I can find about it. I’m finding more questions than answers at present, but without questions there will be no answers, so everything happens for a reason.

I think it may be getting close to the time to find out what that reason is…

Better with age…

0: I emerged into the great big world, without a stitch on and not bothered in the slightest. I couldn’t speak the language; I didn’t know the people; the colours looked funny; the buildings were very big; everything was noisy; and I could scream.

1: Still needy. I was understanding things better, but still learning. I was watching everything. Chewing everything. I understood cuddles, warmth, but still couldn’t speak. When I wanted anything – I screamed.

2: Still needy. Starting to become more mobile, speedy on all fours. Able to make strange grunting noises – neither human nor animal, yet similar to both. Chuckles, burps, and, of course – screams.

3: Still needy. Upright more of the time. Walking and crawling. Falling and crying. Eating and needing to be changed (!). And speaking! First words after walking across a room: “Ow’s that?”. First words ever, possibly “Mama” or “Dada”, but I can’t really remember. Oh, and screams.

4: Totally independent. Walked confidently across the porch step into the wide world to go to school. Played with children I didn’t know, in sandpits and water pits. Didn’t know them. Didn’t like it. Screamed.

5: Learning. Learning. Learning. Loved it. Loved playing more, but learning was good. Learning also that screaming is not always good.

6: Learning about people. Becoming wary of people. Not liking certain people. Hurting because of what some people do. To me. To others. Not screaming. Crying.

7: Confidence low. Self-consciousness very high. Time in hospital. First time all alone. Didn’t like it. Wanted to scream. Wanted to run. Went to sleep looking one way, woke up looking different. Self-consciousness lower. Confidence higher.

8: Different me. Older me. Happy me. New school me. Still bullied me.

9: Learning. Learning. Learning. Writing with a pen. Learning about dinosaurs and space. Learning to read better. Learning to write better. Learning better.

10: Growing pains. Met Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman. Met fantasy. Better than reality.

11: The big school. The big world. Loved some classes. Loathed other classes. Loved learning. Loathed speaking in front of the class. Loved being home. Loathed walking home alone.

My first twelve years were a bit of a mixed bag emotionally. From being extremely happy to extremely frightened was quite jarring. From feeling being part of the world to being an outsider was quite confusing. But from having everything done for me to doing everything for myself was quite liberating.

I don’t have that many memories of my first few years, apart from those above… and even then, the very early ones aren’t my memories, I don’t think. Growing up is an amazing experience to go through, full of exciting opportunities to learn and develop. The thing is, even though I loved my early years, I would rather be able to remember more good things, than the bullying that started from an early age. Not that everyone bullied me, I hasten to add, but the bullies frightened me. That feeling of fear is getting in the way of the good feelings (which were there the majority of the time). A quote from the movie ‘Strictly Ballroom’:

A life lived in fear is a life half lived

It looks as though I only lived half of my growing years.

My thoughts have certainly got better with age. I know that there are people who don’t know any better than to treat others badly, but is it their fault? Maybe they have a reason to hit out at the world because they are living in fear too? I don’t know. I can’t speak for anyone who bullies anyone. I can speak for myself, however. It does hurt. It does stay. It can’t be forgotten, but it can be forgiven.

Now: I’m me. Still learning. Still reading. Still writing. Thinking back. Thinking forward. Thinking full stop. Feeling good. And on occasions… still screaming…

The type of rain that gets you wet

I found myself in a conversation about the weather today, with a colleague in work. She isn’t particularly keen on grey, damp and overcast days, which today most definitely was. Gloomily, she pointed outside the window and said, “I bet you are in your element today, aren’t you?”

She knows that I enjoy the rain. I love thunderstorms, strong rain, howling wind, as well as glorious sunshine, snow, fog… well, any weather really. We often joke about the weather being ‘extreme’ if it looks slightly different than normal outside.

One day last year, at the beginning of the year, the sunlight was reflecting off the raindrops giving the impression that the raindrops were actually rising, rather than falling. It was one of the most surreal things I have ever experienced, and it seemed so calm and peaceful to watch. It appeared to be rising for at least half an hour, and I felt as though I was floating watching it. The next day the whole town was at a standstill due to the heavy snowfall that had struck the town, and the rest of the country overnight. I should have known that something was on it’s way due to the rain acting strangely, but at the time I was simply fascinated.

A few years before, snow was involved in another surreal moment that I observed… this time the snow was falling quite heavy one evening, when, out of the blue, a streak of lightning lit up the sky. There was no thunder. Just the lightning and the snow. And just the one bolt of lightning for that matter, too. I watched this with the same feelings as the raising rain that afternoon last year in work – very calmly indeed.

Back to today’s conversation, my colleague and I were referring to the rain we were looking at today – it was the type of rain that gets you wet. I remarked that whenever I have used this phrase in conversations in the past, people haven’t got what I was meaning, and simply said “It’s rain. It’s water. That’s what water does – it gets you wet!”

My colleague today knew exactly what the phrase meant. There are many different types of rain – heavy rain, fine rain, driving rain, frozen rain, misty rain, and the rain we were watching today – the rain that gets you wet. It’s almost like a mist. A clear mist that you can see – if that makes sense. You don’t actually notice that it is raining when you are out in it, but when you get back in afterwards, you tend to be completely soaked. In the ‘normal’ rain, the raindrops are larger, so you tend to get covered in spots of rain, but not totally wet, unless you were out in it long enough, that is.

So, there we have it. Just in case someone says it to you, please remember this, the complete definition of ‘the type of rain that gets you wet’. It really does mean what it says on the tin.