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What do you want?

I’m not being rude, but do you really know what you want?
I’m not talking about what gift you would like for Christmas, or what sweet you would like after a meal, but what do you want for you?

Knowing what it is that you want really helps the universe to set things into motion to bring it to you. Most of the time, we think that we know what we want when really we haven’t got a clue! This cluelessness (or lack of having a clue) is keeping away what it is that we think we want, but bringing more lack of what we want to us.

The Law of Attraction, and the universe, works with our feelings. The Law of Repulsion and the universe also work with our feelings. We can’t attract and repel the same thing at the same time – although we can like something one minute and not like it the next, we can’t do both at the same time; if we could we would never know where we are up to!

So, logically thinking, if we think we really want something and are not getting it, our true feelings are telling the universe something different to how we are thinking. The Law of Attraction is bringing more reasons for us to want it, and the Law of Repulsion is keeping away what we think we want. Our feelings are resonating to the universe, and the universe is matching those feelings.

I have had many experiences with the Law of Attraction (and Cosmic Ordering) where the universe has brought to me exactly what I had been thinking about – but not very many where I have received what I was thinking at the same time. Sometimes have been very shortly afterwards, but usually the time span has been anything from a couple of hours, to a few days, to even a few months. And some times I’ve actually forgotten that I thought I’d wanted it, only to be surprised when I’d received it.

I don’t know the ins and outs of the workings of the universe. I couldn’t explain the difference between an atom and a neutron. I’ve heard of them, they may even be the same thing for all I know, but I wouldn’t really know where to begin with them. I don’t know why coincidences happen – and why they happen more to some people and not to others – but happen they do. Even if you’ve never experienced a coincidence you would be aware of what a coincidence was! I experience hundreds of coincidences, so many in fact that it couldn’t be a coincidence that they all happen to me… could it?

If it isn’t (or they aren’t) a coincidence, then what is causing me to experience the number of simultaneous events that I am a part of? The only constant factor with all of the events is me, so logic would dictate that I must be doing something to make all of these events happen. Actually, there are two constants. Me, and my friend, the universe. We are actually one thing, all things considered, and I think this connection makes the resonance between our feelings and the universe’s response more plausible. We don’t need to shout out what we want to the universe, because the universe knows how we are feeling. If we are desperate for a glass of water, the universe feels the desperation rather than our thirst, and will provide us with more reasons to feel desperate. If we’re feeling fantastic with the abundance we have in our lives, the universe will respond by providing more to continue the fantastic feeling. If we are feeling grateful, the universe will give us more to be grateful for. And this is how the Law of Attraction works.

I’m still trying to get my feelings in perfect balance with the universe so that I don’t have the feelings of neediness, lack, desperation or anything else that will prevent me from having an ultimately happy life. I have a happy life – I’m not saying that I don’t – but there are some changes that I need to make to make it happier.

Hence this post. I don’t really know what it is that I want to improve my life. And this may be the reason why I experience as many coincidences as I do… the universe is giving me what it thinks I want at that moment. My feelings about the current situation are being highlighted to me by similar events all around me.

If I’m receiving all of this without being aware, imagine how great things would be when I am aware.

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I’ve just played a quick game of chess against the computer, and won. I needed to sacrifice a lot of my key pieces in order to win the game, and it got me thinking that perhaps the main aim of the game is still to win, but with the majority of the pieces still in play. I’m not an expert chess player or anything – I just about know which way each piece should move, and I understand the checkmate rule more than the stalemate rule, although in a way they are similar… the king can’t move!

When I had won the game, a thought came to me about the real world, and how much do we really need to ‘win’? And which chess piece would we be in relation to everyone else. Are we a little pawn, or the king or queen? Or maybe we are a rook, knight or bishop… it is difficult to choose, because in the real world so much is going on that we are in fact every piece, although at (possibly) different times.

Sometimes, we need to sacrifice a pawn part of ourselves when we cancel an idea because something of greater importance has come up. At other times, we need to promote our pawn side to a queen to take control of a situation, usually if our main queen side is already dealing with something else. Occasionally, we become a knight and leap over others around us, achieving greater things – but not in a direct route. And sometimes, we sacrifice any one of our pieces by making a wrong move. So I guess that means that the main piece within us all is the king. The king can never be ‘taken’ but can give up. Giving up is a last resort move, and there are always other options to follow before making that decision.

Getting back to the chess world for a minute, I tend to back-track if I make a move I don’t like, and make another move. I can do this against the computer, but usually I find myself in a similar situation again a few moves later. I don’t think it is as easy when in a ‘real’ chess game. Or in real life, for that matter.

The best thing to do when making a mistake in the real world is just to learn from it. Accept that the mistake was made, and move on. Try not to make the same mistake again, but if it happens again, try to learn from it again. That’s the good thing about being human; we are allowed to make mistakes. We just tend to judge ourselves a little too harshly. And others too.

Sacrificing a certain part of ourselves for the greater good is not a bad thing. Sometimes it is absolutely necessary to do so to be able to move things forward, but there is no need to sacrifice everything. No need to give up. We just need to weigh up the options and try to cross the board by a different route.

Real life isn’t a chess game, so in that respect it is much better! We still need to use strategy at times to get through certain situations, but we have far more pieces within us than what is on a chess board. We have more pieces to be able to sacrifice if needed. We have more than one king too, so if we do decide to ‘give up’ with one of them, it isn’t the end of the world. We can start again using another king!

The fun part isn’t in the winning, it is in the playing.

Yes, it is good to win, but we can’t win everything, every time. Knowing this makes losing sound a lot easier to take, and if we have fun in the process, it doesn’t matter whether we win or lose… Or draw – end up in stalemate! However things turn out, we have reached the natural end of that particular process. We may have won, we may have learned something, we may think we have made the wrong decision, we may have discovered something new about ourselves, we may have seen something in a new light, we may have given up – but we have had fun in the process up to this point, and that is the important part. Having fun = feeling good. And feeling good = winning anyway, so it doesn’t really matter when you think about it…



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You may, I may…

You may think things are not good, I may disagree

You may think of yourself as ugly, I may think you are beautiful

You may think I am beautiful, I may not agree

You may have something to say, I may listen

You may want your own space, I may not notice

You may be interested in writing, I may be interested in reading what you write

You may be the centre of attention, I may observe you

You may have a fantastic future, I may have one too

You may not be unique, I may be similar

You may light up the room, I may be in your shadow

You may dance to your heart’s content, I may dance internally

You may be in need of help, I may be in a position to help

You may witness a miracle, I may share the experience

You may sing like an angel, I may be tone deaf

You may need support, I may be a rock

You may do a lot of things that I do not like but I may well appreciate them

You may be special, I may be special too

You may accept this thank-you I made for you being you

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From the cards…

I’ve not posted about my messages from the universe for a couple of weeks… here are the top ten cards from my pack of oracle cards after shuffling them…

1] Messages From Your Loved Ones – Stop and listen

2] Confidence – Confidence comes from believing in yourself

3] Gratitude – To be wealthy you have to be more grateful

4] Decisions – You have the choice to make your own decisions

5] Faith – Hold on to your faith

6] Cosmic Ordering – Learn to attract abundance

7] Dream Big – Live life to the full

8] Desire – The desire to achieve success

9] Self-Belief – Believe in yourself to change your life

10] Love – True love never dies

My general interpretation: Have faith in your own abilities to be able to change your world in the way that is acceptable to you. The signs are there that the universe is listening, but are you listening to the universe? Take responsibility for your own life , live your life now, love your life now… and be grateful. Gratitude is the key to everything!

My personal interpretation: Reading from the outside in, love is all around. Confidence and self belief are just under the surface. Be grateful for every desire, for dreams and decisions stem from desire. Keep Cosmic Ordering! Keep the faith!

My reaction: I like receiving reminders like this! They help me to continue to feel good! 😀

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It’s snowing again here at Aquatom Mansion. It takes a while for the snow to normally reach this neck of the woods, but yesterday lunchtime we found ourselves in the middle of a blizzard, and Scotland were basking in glorious sunshine. OK, maybe basking is the wrong word to use, but it was bright there. The news report on TV had live pictures with a journalist on the scene on the banks of a river in one of the Scottish towns. They were reporting on the fact that it was snowing in the Outer Hebrides. Why they had a reporter in a different place where it wasn’t snowing is beyond me, but I find that the news crews always seem to want to be at the point where a news story breaks. They should have come here if they wanted snow!

It wasn’t as bad as the white out the other week, I must add. And the snow has just started to fall again tonight. It has settled very quickly, which doesn’t look good for the roads. Still, it will all be clear again soon enough.

Blizzards are funny old things, aren’t they? One minute you can be walking or driving in, well, clear weather. The next second a few snowflakes drift downwards. A few seconds later you get the feeling that you re moving sideways – when you aren’t moving at all –  as the amount of snow that is falling is dizzying and mesmerising. I’ve not been mesmerised for a while now, but I was yesterday.

One thing I’m really pleased about is the break in the snow, that allowed me the chance to see the Geminids. I’m not sure if I’ll have the same opportunity to see the next Lunar Eclipse, but I’ll have to wait and see there… if not, there’ll be another chance soon enough!

I’ve just looked out of the window and it looks as though a good two centimeter’s worth of snow has fallen in the last half an hour or so, and it is still falling. It must be really bad elsewhere…