Beyond the Sphere

Tales from the Superhero Diaries Halloween Special

Artificial smoke filled the room spreading the different colours of the lights around, casting shadows from all of the different types of people who were gathered there. Most were dancing in a group in the centre of the… Read More

Superhero Shorts: The Cloud (ep.8)

“Nothing!” Cloud punched the desk in frustration. “It was worth a try, though,” Claudette suggested helpfully. “What do you know?” “Well, Finger Bones is working for a man called Mr Williams. He has a mystery accomplice who I… Read More

Superhero Shorts: The Cloud (ep.7)

The Cloud reached the entrance to his Basement in quick time. He rode the motorbike through the entrance tunnel in silent mode, as the tunnel was an old and long disused sewer pipe. The end of the pipe… Read More

Superhero Shorts: The Cloud (ep.6)

The Rendezvous. Mid’s premier music entertainment venue in the 1960s. Now, a car park for a large shopping complex adjacent to Mid Marina. The shopping complex also closed two years ago, so stands empty, alongside several other empty… Read More

Superhero Shorts: The Cloud (ep.5)

Cloud was on all fours and couldn’t move. Finger’s neutralising ray had frozen him to the spot. “Never fear, my good friend, you’ll be moving again in a short while. I don’t like causing too much of discomfort… Read More