Beyond the Sphere

Superhero Shorts: The Cloud (ep.4)

Claudette Brice looked in despair at the computer monitor. “No no no!” she said as she quickly hit a few keys on the keyboard. The monitor continued to display the words ‘signal lost’. The screen was split into… Read More

Superhero Shorts: The Cloud (ep.3)

The Cloud jumped onto his motorcycle and sped across town to where he thought Finger Bones would strike next, The Trusted Unified Bank. He quickly rode passed the front of the branch and everything seemed quiet, but he… Read More

Superhero Shorts: The Cloud (ep.2)

“I’m presuming Finger Bones did this?” The Cloud asked the startled security guard. “He’s just broke into another bank on the other side of town, and I lost track of him. Do you know which way he went?”… Read More

Superhero Shorts: The Cloud

With the alarm box wires cut, Finger Bones forced open the door. He smiled as he heard the familiar sound of silence. He stomped through the back of the bank towards the vault. The night security guard appeared… Read More

Tales from the Superhero Diaries 6.10: Mistery

Firetop was drenched. Matthew Mist had somehow managed to increase his control over the element of water, and constantly drove Firetop back as a horde of stocky henchmen ran amok around the prestigious marina. Firetop had managed to… Read More