What activities do you lose yourself in?

Do you know, I sometimes start something, and get so carried away by doing it, time stands still for me but passes by in the blink of an eye.

I’ve recently updated the WordPress App on my mobilius phoneus, which looked quite exciting when I opened it… the colours looked different, and I thought it appeared to have a new, sleeker look. I then went to the Reader, and saw a message advising that the Reader was moving, and in order for me to continue using it, I had to install the Jetpack App.

I did as I was asked, and opened the Jetpack App, which looks exactly the same as the old WordPress App, only with different colours. I was then told I needed to uninstall the newly installed WordPress App to prevent some kind of conflict. And so, the sparkly-looking new WordPress App is no more, and I have a new version of the old app with a different name (and colour).

Once I opened the Reader, I looked at the filter, which listed the sites on WordPress I follow. Some of these sites haven’t been updated for several years, and others have been updated but I’ve had no interaction from the person behind the blog for a while even when I visit their latest posts.

So, continuing with the theme ‘out with the old and in with the new’, I’ve ‘purged’ these sites from the Reader, my intention to replace them with newer blogs over the coming weeks and months.

This post, dreadfully boring as it is, is my response to a prompt I saw whilst in the new Jetpack App.

I just carried on with my purging, concentrating on the screen to make sure I didn’t remove the wrong blog, which I think I managed OK.

It was only after ‘completing’ the task, I realised I’d actually slipped into the Timestream Of Incredible Boredom (in other words I’d nodded off) and woke up in the middle of next week.

Whilst in the TOIB, Gravatars, bloggers, words, headers, and menus flew around my head, kind of like me ending up lost in that tornado that transported Dorothy to Oz all those years ago.

I found myself on red brick roads, off to see the warlock, with a cardboard man, a stuffed tiger and a shop window mannequin, oh and a little white kitten named Logo, all of us just about avoiding an obvious copyright issue. Or a creative rewriting of a classic in dream format.

As I was lost, in the middle of next week, the way back was relatively easy, once the solution was revealed by a squeaky voice inside a wheelie bin in the warlock’s cellar… I just had to tap two ells to get back home to Kans… er… Cheshire.



I did, and I’m back. No longer lost in my activity.

With a little more space in my reading list.

22 thoughts

    1. That’s the thing, VK. I use the app for the Reader, and for posting some of my posts through WordPress, when I don’t have time to fire up the computer and do it that way! Also, it enables me to reply to comments a lot quicker. I use it as an extension to the computer… although I suppose I could post through the Web browser on the mobile, but it isn’t as easy to see, read, and use as the app is… and if I’m using the mobile anyway, I may as well use the proper tool that has been created for it.
      The alternative would be for not posting, and that too seems to be a loss of freedom.
      As long as we have the internet, and use it as we do, we’re all already sucked into the system… we just have to use it to our choosing, in a way that suits us, and try not to be manipulated by any ‘prompt’ or ‘deal’ that comes our way merely as a distraction – or alternatively, to use the prompts/deals in a fun and lighthearted way.
      Phew. Got a bit sidetracked with my reply there, VK. Basically, I use it when I want to, as I do the computer, and don’t see it as an infringement on my freedom at all. 🙂

      I’ve just experienced déjà vŭ there, at the end. Maybe my arguments for using it are possibly telling me not to.

      Hmmm… something to ponder there. 🤔

      Thanks, VK… have a great weekend! 😀

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      1. There is no picking and choosing Tom when technology is helpful to you anymore…We are in the time of great decisions…Yes you can use Technology and stay sucked in or you can back out and fight for our freedom! There is no middle ground anymore. That disappeared a long time ago…This is called reality we are now in and it is not always pretty or easy. Just saying…VK 🙂

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  1. WP seems to be intent on making all kinds of rapid (blink of the eye) changes that most bloggers don’t want or need. Unnecessary one might say or extremely aggravating…take your pick.

    “I realised I’d actually slipped into the Timestream Of Incredible Boredom (in other words I’d nodded off) and woke up in the middle of next week.” 😄 I’ve been the TOIB myself.

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    1. Hi Avigail! 😃
      Some changes are OK, but some seem to be just for the sake of change, and they’re the annoying ones.
      As for the TOIB, that’s a very easy place to slip into! 😁

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    1. I’m very careful with my purging, Lorrie! 🤣
      The photo’s kind of me… shall we say… an interpretation! I’m always tweaking it. Pleased you like it! 😃

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  2. You do get around Tom! The Jetpack thingy seems to have been a bit complicated in your world! Nevermind, you will get used to it! I almost had a purge for the same reasons as you but I lost my nerve and they’re all still there….for now! The last time I got shot of someone I got a nasty message from them for doing so and felt so guilty that it’s put me off doing what I know I should 😃So to date no purging for me! 😉

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    1. I know…! Things just happen and I’m suddenly elsewhere.
      As for purging, it’s really only sites that haven’t been updated for a while I clear out; I do try to be careful with my pruning.

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      1. There’s no doubt about the elsewhere bit! 🙃 That was my general plan with purging, but mostly of people who have not posted for years. There’s always one that will still notice and take offence, though, so I am waiting for now😉😁

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