Is a place where
Realities start to merge
When there
Through the thick air
The time shift starts its purge

The past becomes the future
The future is now today
Tomorrow was kind of last week
And now’s now yesterday

The sky becomes the shoreline
The waves become the clouds
The sand becomes the timeline
The ups become the downs

The night is now the daytime
The light has all gone dark
Sleep is now the waking hours
As the dreams create their mark

14 thoughts

  1. Sounds very much like the world we live in today! You could call it ‘opposites’ as well as everything is the opposite of what it should be…. I’m ready for the familiar again and the ground to stop shifting under our feet… Until then, carry on TL and stay connected! Be the light!!! VK 🙂

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      1. It’s a great pic Tom and I’m impressed that you, unlike me, have the ability to do this without getting so caught up in the arty-picture-happy time rendering that you forget to write a single blog post!! 😀 I’m slowly 🐌 waking up from the piccy-design coma long enough to figure this detail out! 🤣 Even went to visit the offending pic folder to delete unusable material and focus on writing for a bit…that was 11:30pm ish…by 3 am today occurred to me to leave further arty🎨 endeavours for the moment in preference for sleepy bye 👋 😂🥱Didn’t quite go to plan though as I was on “a roll” by then and wide awake! Not so much do at getting up for work time however 🙃 And still nobwriting done!! But pleasing arty designs occur in the early hours and whilst nothing got deleted and the folder is now bursting at the seams, I do have some very nice piccies😆…but I’m sure you won’t be completely unfamiliar with such happenings yourself😉 The call of creativity is strong and irresistible at times!🙃😅

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        1. It is irresistible, and when you get caught going down one path of creativity, it’s quite hard to go down another avenue.
          I have two computers, one that I use for my main 3D art, and whilst that’s rendering away, I’ll use the other computer for writing, other pieces of 3D art (or art in general) and now music compositions and video creation.
          I tend to get nothing done, as I’m constantly flicking between projects… but always manage (most days) to get some kind 🙄😊 of blog post prepared. And if I’m not on the computers, I’ll try to post something through the mobilius phoneus app (like today’s hasty creation).
          It’s all fun, though! 😃

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          1. You are definitely much better organised than me! Though since my comment I have realised I do in fact have a post in process – it’s not in the usual place and despite being where it is for easy access and not forgetting it, that’s precisely what did happen! The path of creativity is all consuming! It happened again today – at work no less! Shouldn’t have taken the tablet and the phone with me….the path of creative rendering led to a very, very prolonged break!🤣 But as you say, it’s all fun😁 Now I must get back to that post….😆

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            1. And what’s creativity for, if it isn’t to give us prolonged breaks? You’ve used your time very well, Icewolf, methinks! 😃


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