The Lady walked through the hole in the wall, followed the corridor for a few steps, and stepped through the broken door into the grand ballroom of the Elixir Spa Resort Hotel and Leisure Complex, where the Dropped Apostrophe sat in a far corner, away from the mess in the centre of the room, painting something on a large piece of card; she made a point of looking up to the clear yet cold blue sky through the hole in the ceiling above, and then stopped moving and looked at her nincompoop of a leader.

“I sincerely hope you are going to pay for all of this damage,” she said, kicking a white plastic sun lounger and gesturing towards it questionably, before continuing, “otherwise you’ll have to find a new place to call your base of operations – you are in charge of this group after all.”

The Apostrophe sighed, put down his paintbrush, looked up, smiled, and walked around the table, saying “Of course, my dear Lady, in fact, my old friend Bob is on his way over now to have a look at things as we speak.”

The Lady looked mortified, replying “Bob… that dodgy builder person you met in… oh no, no, most definitely no – no, we are going to my official builders to get this all repaired – this is a quality hotel complex after all.”

Now the smile on the Apostrophe’s face faltered, “they will cost an arm an… they’ll be more expensive than Bob, much more; surely we can come to some sort of arrangement, my dear Lady…?”

“Yes, you will pay the going rate for these repairs,” The Lady interrupted, “and keep that group of… of… people under control or else you are all out… now come along, we’ll go immediately… there’s no time like the present – I’ve already called their office and said we’re on the way… come along…”; resigned, the Apostrophe sighed once more and followed The Lady through the broken door and out of the ballroom.  

It’s Sunday. That means it’s Supervillain Sunday – er – I mean Six Sentence Stories! You know? Six Sentence Stories… the challenge hosted by Denise at Girlie On The Edge… you know the one… Denise provides a prompt word and then we have to write six sentences including that prompt word. There must be no more and no less than six sentences, however.

This week, Denise has chosen ‘Mess’. The image below links to her post, should you require any further details.


Previous parts to this ongoing story can be found in my Storylines menu.

29 thoughts

    1. Thanks, Sue. These stories are a little escape out of the ordinary. I’m getting more practised with my 3D art program and just love creating the images… the more photo real the better! 🙂

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    1. When she gets going, Nick, she’s intensely bossy!
      (And thanks for the reminder… although I did add the link earlier! (Makes a change for me to do that though, doesn’t it!!!)) 😀

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  1. Like Chris, I also thought of Bob the Builder, then I freaked myself out by imagining Bob from Twin Peaks, so to cheer myself up I imagined Bob Marley. But, Tom, whichever Bob it is or isn’t, your tale of The Lady and the Dropped Apostrophe and the damage of the hole, is surely a lesson to us all to be as tidy and careful supervillains as we possibly can be, or face eviction and look for a new HQ!
    Bob, erm, I mean Ford.

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        1. Exactly, Ford. And superfluous apostrophes spoil the comment. ‘Bob’s’ in my reply should obviously have been ‘Bobs’. This is what happens when we deal with the Dropped Apostrophe. Supervillains, eh‽

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