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    1. On the mobile phone it’s easy… you just hold the question mark button for a couple of seconds and you get the option for the interrobang and the upside down question mark (don’t know what that one’s called! 🤣)
      On a computer, I believe, you hold down the ALT key whilst typing 8253… although I haven’t tried this on a computer.
      The sad thing is, the interrobang isn’t always visible on the mobile, it’s replaced either by an X or an empty rectangle. I get the feeling not everyone wants us to use this particular type of punctuation mark!


  1. This is a great character! Never heard of it before but how useful. Haven’ttried it yet, but this is what chrome says about usung it on a PC/laptop: “Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+/ writes an interrobang character. Toolbar button displays window of characters to choose.”

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    1. It doesn’t work in this reply box, Icewolf… and neither does the official CTRL+8253, but pasting the symbol in seems to work! ‽


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