Ellova Palava flung a copy of the latest Evening Local Herald across the desk in the damaged grand ballroom of the Elixir Spa Resort Hotel and Leisure Complex where the Dropped Apostrophe sat, adding the final touches to another of his painted signs, causing him to jump up and out of the way of the small bottle of black ink and its contents that was knocked in his direction.

“Why are you working in h… never mind…you sent us there a week early,” Ellova fumed, reciting the lead headline and parts of the news article from the paper, “World Famous Jewels Safe… dress-rehearsal for next week’s event… pre-staged security event a success… advanced security measures to be implemented after five lookalike actors impersonated known criminals highlighting other security lapses.”

She dragged a chair over to the desk and sat opposite the Apostrophe, who’d sat himself down again after moving slightly over to one side and started dabbing at the now ruined sign with blotting paper.

“Lookalike actors…” Ellova fumed again, “…there’s a clear photo of all of us from their CCTV – which in itself is more than odd!”

“My dear Miss Palava, please be calm,” the Apostrophe spoke in a smug and slightly condescending tone, “I haven’t sent you there a week early at all, yes, the Exquisite Collection are showing their rare jewels next week, but I needed to test their security measures before then, and look, we captured Lady Might – how were we to know the Collection were using her as their security?”

“That was more by chance than anything, Apostrophe, and you know it…” Ellova took a deep breath to calm herself a little, then stood and started to walk out of the ballroom, adding, without looking back, “with the bank earlier yesterday and now this – I get the feeling you’re up to something, although I just can’t work out what it is yet.”

It may be a new year, but the Co-ordination of Supervillains are up to their old tricks – still bickering amongst themselves! Here’s the latest Six Sentence Story to feature them. Six Sentence Stories? Thank you for asking! This is a weekly challenge from Denise at Girlie on the Edge, where she provides a word and all we have to do is write a six sentence story (or poem, paragraph, cooking recipe – whatever!) in ONLY six sentences. No more. No less.

The theme word this week is ‘Lead’.

The image below will take you to Denise’s post, if you’d like more details:

Previous parts of the ongoing supervillainous tale can be found in my Storylines menu.

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    1. One thing about these Supervillains, Nick, is things never go well for them… although, I wonder if the uttering of that phrase is a turning point for them. Time may tell…! 😉

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