Bringing in November is this solitary White Rabbit!

He’s riding in on the E, it seems, after merging the O and the V. At least the start of the month, the N, is clear! I’m guessing another white rabbit is trailing with the other four letters.

Happy November! And… White Rabbits!

16 thoughts

  1. Goodness TL….Why did you make the poor rabbit look like it’s going up in flames?! Well the whole rest of the world is going up in flames so I guess it makes sense…Happy November I hope…..VK

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    1. Haha! He isn’t bursting into flames, VK, he’s bursting onto the scene, just as November is!
      And yes… Happy November! 🙂


  2. Good to see the White Rabbit again Tom… but they jump up too quickly each month.. Good to see you and hope all is well in your world my friend..
    Sending love and well wishes… for a great NOVEMBER….
    Have a great weekend also ❤

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    1. Thank you, Sue. You’re right in saying the rabbits appear too quickly, I can’t believe it when it comes to posting another White Rabbit post!
      And I’m doing well, thank you.
      You too have a great weekend and rest of November! 🙂


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